"Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, could rock D.C. like Chuck. Nobody." — Marion Barry. Enough said.

Crowds gather around people dancing to Chuck Brown music where hundreds of people gather outside the Howard Theatre. (Jahi Chikwendiu/WASHINGTON POST)

We finally have proof that transit-oriented communities actually work. Yesterday, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments released the data from their survey of 10 neighborhoods in the region. They found that those living in more densely populated walkable communities actually do take advantage. To be fair, the study really only confirms most people's assumptions, but that's an important step. The Post's Katherine Shaver reports on the survey, which is scheduled to be done every three years.

Twenty years ago, it was the old D.C. Convention Center. Five years ago, it was a parking lot and tennis court. Two years ago, it was a bus terminal, then a big hole in the ground. In five more years, it's going to be a monstrosity, smack dab in the middle of the city. The mixed-use development under construction between Ninth and 11th streets NW and New York Avenue and H Street to the north and south, known as CityCenterDC, now has a big-time tenant. Capital Business' Jonathan O'Connell reports on the law firm moving in.

Although Facebook is going public tomorrow, not all is rosy on the dollars front. As far as advertising integration goes, they're in a bit of a conundrum. Truth is, nobody really wants to deal with ads when they're on FB. Inherently, this is a problem, because there's nothing else happening on the site that can make them much money. And if big-time buyers like GM keep pulling out, citing dissatisfaction, Mark Zuckerberg has a problem. GigaOM.com's Mathew Ingram explains.

At 4:30 p.m. yesterday, I got a message from a friend who works in the front office for D.C. United. He asked simply: What Chuck Brown songs should I play tonight at the game? So I told him. I couldn't make it, but from what I understand the go-go integration went well. Then the team went out and blanked the Rapids, 2-0. That helps. Steven Goff has the gamer from a night that saw two of the Black and Red's stars hit the back of the net.

Extra Bites

• In other D.C. music news, Tabi Bonney, my favorite rapper from the area, ever, has a new mixtape coming out today. It's called “The Endless Summer” and I get the feeling I'll be hearing this all over town for, well, the entire summer and beyond.

• There's a new season of "The Boondocks" coming out. In case you missed that, Aaron McGruder and his merry crew are coming back for a fourth season. Yes.

• If you play a lot of Battleship, you might want to read this. Then find a new game.

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