I'm back from Florida and I'd like to say thanks to everyone for the fun activity suggestions. We actually stayed down the street from where that horrific cannibalism incident happened, which is all anyone wanted to talk about in town. Glad to be home.

It can get cold in D.C. in the summer -- if you have a job in an office building. Air conditioning is no joke in many places, and its existence can make for uncomfortable experiences. The Post's Monica Hesse delves into the world of office temperatures, but only briefly touches on the major fact of the matter. Men, who have been oppressed in office culture with the “suits at all times” mindset, typically control the dial, and thus keep it cold. Which is unfortunate on many levels.

Fiesta D.C.'s future is not looking good. In a situation that's unfortunately similar to that of the D.C. Caribbean Festival, the Hispanic heritage event is facing venue issues. Some city officials are trying to move it to Pennsylvania Avenue, an option that organizers say will nullify the soul of the event. The Post's Tim Craig reports on how safety issues are at the center of another one of the District's most colorful days of the year.

Snakeheads are known for their aggressive nature and sharp teeth. (Andrew Sharbel/Loudoun Times-Mirror)

Speaking of pictures, George W. Bush took a great one this weekend. When his official portrait was unveiled, he and wife Laura were snapped looking at a painting of themselves in the same frame, an image that for whatever reason cracks me up big time. It happened at the White House, which means the president was there, and his presence in the shot is equally useless. But Slate’s Heather Murphy is offering up her weekly caption contest for the photo. And last week's winner was quite funny, too.

In a dream world of mine, there would be a soccer-specific facility in the District. And in a less fantastical but more realistic world, one company has done a study to determine just how that could happen. And it is glorious. Convention, Sports & Leisure International, a Minneapolis consultant that has studied sports and convention developments nationwide, as Capital Business' Johnathan O'Connell put it, determines that it would take $157 million to get this project off the ground.

Extra Bites

• You've probably come up with some pretty creative excuses for missing school. But Tyler Sullivan has everybody beat on this. When he was visiting the Honeywell facility in Golden Valley, Minn., the president was there, too. And he wrote Tyler a note. FTW.

• Skateboarding tricks are not simple. They may look like it, but they are not. And this is why I love them. Take a couple minutes and watch this. Pay attention.

• If you watched "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" with any regularity, this theory might blow your mind.

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