Patterson high school basketball phenom Aquille Carr (3) drives to the basket during 2nd half action against Baltimore City College High on December 19, 2011 in Baltimore, MD. (Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

They say that a captain always goes down with his ship . Apparently that adage doesn't apply for Francesco Schettino, who basically abandoned the Costa Concordia after it ran aground over the weekend. Not only did he duck out on the thousands of passengers he put at risk in an attempt to show off to his friends, but he also apparently lied to the Italian coast guard about what actually happened. BlogPost's Elizabeth Flock has the details and transcript of the emergency call.

Growing up gay can be tough . In the Trinidad neighborhood of Northeast, it can be even tougher. So when the Check It crew formed, it was to protect themselves like everyone else. Then, they got a reputation for committing crimes at Gallery Place. But for the past few months, police say they've had no problems with them, and Saturday night, they held their own fashion show at a Boys & Girls Club in NW. The Post's Clarence Williams reports on how the crew is trying to find its road to redemption.

Too much praise can be a bad thing -- particularly if you don't deserve it. And in schools today, many teachers take the approach that kids need support, empty or not, to work on valuable self-esteem skills for later in life. But in Montgomery County, some teachers are taking a more old-school approach. The Post' s Michael Alison Chandler reports on how a “growing body of research over three decades shows that easy, unearned praise does not help students but instead interferes with significant learning opportunities."

I like award shows, but I've never particularly cared for the Golden Globes . But they have always seemed like the more fun party that happens on cable because no broadcast network wanted to touch the show with a 10-foot pole. Ricky Gervais has made himself somewhat of household name after hosting two years in a row. Thing is, the show is generally more fun to watch than the Oscars, but Slate's Tom Shone believes they pick better winners, too.

Guess what? The Wizards are still awful! And by that I mean far and away the worst team in the NBA. There’s no logical dispute to that fact. They're 1-12. But some people will have you think this is a decent team. “They still put on a good show!” people tell me. “Oh, but John Wall is fantastic,” they rationalize. Come on, people. To top it off, JaVale McGee has turned things into his own personal dunk contest, complete with off-the-backboard self-pass dunks on breakaways. What a nightmare.

Extra Bites

• I can't imagine how lazy or uninspired you have to be to order delivery fast food, but Burger King is poised to find out in this area. Note to BK: This will ONLY work if delivery folks show up dressed as The King. Otherwise, pointless.

• A University of Maryland report shows that injuries to pedestrians wearing headphones have tripled since 2004. I wonder why. Oh, wait, no, I don't at all.

• Jose Andres is keeping a secret food truck in D.C., I understand. Tell all your cool foodie friends.

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