The Internets tell me there are people in the world doing things like boycotting Sam Adams beer as some show of solidarity against Boston for the Caps game tonight. Three words for you folks: Get. A. Grip.

Marion Barry. (Jacquelyn Martin/MARION BARRY)

Remember that story from last week about the guy who broke his arm for his iPad? Well, apparently, there's video of the incident. The guy, Daniel Wenger, a "program analyst" at the Pentagon, went action hero in the middle of the transit system and surveillance cameras have footage. As an aside, it's 2012 — why can't we get surveillance footage that doesn't look like it's from1985? The Post's Dana Hedgpeth has the moving pictures.

The beach is full of individuals looking to make the latest discovery. Next time you hit the sand, keep your eyes peeled for guys with creepy shades and things that look like brooms beeping every once and a while. All that most of those dudes find are the 50-cent pieces that kids like me used to bury in the '80s. On the other hand, some people do actually make groundbreaking finds. The Post's Michael Rosenwald explains how a 12-year-old found a dolphin skull the other day.

If I ask someone to go to lunch with me, it means "let's talk while we determine where we'll go for takeout." I don't think I've taken a sit-down meal during work while at the office this decade. Call me crazy, but there's something extremely unnerving about knowing that people are on my same grind while I'm trying to decide between lemonade and Fanta. Slate's Rachel Larimore explains why American lunch breaks are completely overrated.

Two words: Game Seven. Don't get it twisted, this is easily the most important game in the careers of everyone employed by the Capitals tonight. Lose, and you fulfill the prophecy foretold by not only the franchise history, but also most pundits, me included. Win, and you dethrone the defending Stanley Cup champions on your way to, ahem, the second round. The Post's Tarik El-Bashir offers up seven tips for Game Seven.

Extra Bites

• I like to think I live a relatively healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy a dreamscape love letter to the city I was born and grew up in. This new Tabi Bonney project gets it done on all those fronts. You need to watch this.

• Let's be honest with ourselves. Your place stinks. Your cubicle, your office and your bathroom are rank. Try these plants on for size.

• You have Pinterest. I have this. Hat tip to @HolleyUnedited.

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