I'd like to take some time to congratulate Post transit reporter Dana Hedgpeth on the arrival of her baby. Her byline shows up a lot here, so we're happy to hear it. Check out this story about what she dealt with on the train when she was pregnant.

David Delcher sits on the steps of his family's home with his son, Evan Delcher and wife, Roxanne Wallace in the Bloomingdale neighborhood along First Street NW on Monday 03/21/2011 in Washington, DC. There has been increasing diversity in race and age whithin Bloomingdale. (Matt McClain/THE WASHINGTON POST)

There are journalists trailing teenagers in Ocean City. For the right reasons, of course. Because the annual ritual that is Beach Week needed some watchdog reporting, apparently. When I was in high school, I skipped this jaunt — seemed meh — but from what I understand, it's basically a bunch of drinking and debauchery at the beach. But the Post's Petula Dvorak wanted to see for herself. The mental images of what went into reporting this story crack me up.

Watergate, obviously, was a big deal for this newspaper. It’s the 40th anniversary of the political scandal that put Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein on the map as journalists and changed the fate of our nation, and we're all over it. The work of those two spawned a generation of journalists who wanted to be like them. Personally, for me, it was these two scenes from "The Paper" that did it for me (majorly awesome NSFW language.) But it also left behind a name for all scandals. The Post's Monica Hesse reports.

Robots have always been beloved characters in movies. Dating as far back the 1920s, droids and human-formed machines have fascinated filmgoers. And with the recent release of Prometheus, featuring Michael Fassbender as an android, Slate's Forrest Wickman breaks down cinema's finest robot performances. I am highly offended that neither Johnny Five from "Short Circuit" nor his blatant rip-off J-5 from "Blankman" made this list.

The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup last night, setting off a wave of idiotic comments from fans all over the country about how nobody in L.A. is a hockey fan, thus the team didn't deserve it. Boneheaded remarks from self-important supporters aside, the Kings capped off a heck of a run to win the trophy. And fellow Caps fans, please save it: The Kings franchise is older than the one here by nearly a decade. Relax. My favorite headline tweet I saw from last night was simple: Beverly Hills Cup.

Extra Bites

• People get married in weird places all the time, but on a public transportation system is a new one to me. But one couple decided to tie the knot on a Yellow Line train. And yes, they waited until it was over the Potomac River. These two are fantastic.

• Check out this map, which shows the physical geography of many of the prison facilities in America, all from a bird’s-eye view. I find this fascinating.

• This kid absolutely won the day yesterday. His barber did not.

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