I told you about my affinity for "Downton Abbey" earlier this week and I am nowhere close to alone in that regard. I also learned that there are people, including some in my office, who are willing to illegally download entire seasons just to watch it. Alas.

Navy Yard Metro Station. (Jay Premack/2010 WASHINGTON POST FILE PHOTO)

When the car service Uber was first advertised, it seemed too good to be true . For a reasonable fee, you could order a nice car to come pick you up, then with a cashless transaction, be taken to a location of your choice without hassle. Forget goofing around with cabdrivers or public transport, you could ride in style! This is what the service purported. But, in reality, its pricing model is based on demand. Which is why New Year's Eve was a PR nightmare for the company- $86 for one mile? No, thank you.

I've told you my stance on the term "baby names" before . In short, they are "human names" as they will not change after babyhood. That still being the case, parents these days are taking Google into account when naming their children. That's right, the new way to make sure your kid stands out is to give them an SEO-friendly moniker. The Post's Maura Judkis analyzes the latest trend for naming newborns in 2012.

I have a secret to tell you: Everyone and their mom lives in Columbia Heights . It's beyond popular, beyond gentrified and beyond the point of no return.Yet, still no McDonald's! *waves fist*. Anyways, The Post's new Where We Live blog asked real estate hotshot Brandon Green about his "CoHi" favorites and he had three picks, two of which revolved around the same street. I'll tell you my three that I'm not afraid to mention for fear of mass takeover: IHOP, Ruby Tuesday's and Domino's. See what I did there?

The Hoyas catapulted themselves onto the national stage Wednesday night . After going down 17 points to the not-shabby-at-all Marquette Golden Warriors, my boys in gray came storming back courtesy of tremendous defense and what we'll call solid officiating to win by 3 at home. Quite frankly, the game was exciting as hell, and just might have been Hollis 'Hollywood' Thompson's coming out party for NBA scouts. Also, I'm making a pact to not to write about the Wizards again until they win a game. Just one.

Extra Bites

• When Christopher Hitchens died, a reader wrote to me: "Hitchens was an atheist who did not believe in an afterlife. Where exactly do you think he will be resting in peace?" I replied:"my mind." Here's his last column for Vanity Fair.

• Any music described as "background music with a mission" is music I will listen to with no problem. Or you can just let The Post's Chris Richards tell you why 'Symmetry' is the jam.

• Creepy alert. This is Casey Anthony, talking to a webcam about her life. Sorta sad.

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