I went to see the Capitals last night with my buddy Christophe, which was certainly fun. Nothing like watching a beatdown to go atop the division. Plus, they scored before I even got to my seat. Love it when that happens.

The Pavilion in the Old Post Office Building. (James M Thresher/TWP)

Vincent Gray has grand plans for the District of Columbia . And he laid them out in grand fashion last night at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in his State of the District speech. He finally faced up to the issues that have plagued his administration, he announced a new service that will allow residents to judge the job the city is doing and he even took a shot at Newt Gingrich. But in an odd turn, there was an ambulance called for Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry, who fell briefly ill. It was later canceled.

By now, you know how much I love my city . I was born here, I was raised here and I'll likely die here, in D.C. Sometimes that love isn't so easy to indicate. But with Valentine's Day coming up, one Washington Post photographer, also a District native, decided to use the city as his canvas to write a love letter to his hometown. The Post's Marvin Joseph put together a tremendous gallery of photos, with the stories behind them, as told to The Post’s David Beard.

Over the past year plus, an estimated 700 million cupcakes have been sold in this country. We are beyond a fad; clearly the United States is obsessed with cupcakes. It's like 4th grade all over again. But when you look past the sugary frosting, long lines and reality shows, there's something more. Americans have been smitten by the single-serving desserts since the late 18th century, according to Andrea Adleman, who analyzed the psychology of cupcakes for The Post. Also, the picture is tremendous.

Tonight is the biggest night of the Georgetown Hoyas' men's hoops season . While the team has proved competitive and tough to beat, it hasn't faced anything like the No. 2 Syracuse Orange on the road, so far. Luckily, that ranking won't do much to intimidate the squad, which in fact won there last year. Nonetheless, this will be a new experience for many of the young guys. The Post's Tarik El-Bashir previews the Big East showdown.

Extra Bites

• Rick Santorum likes to wear vests. I always get these visions of him holding Mr. Rogers-style fireside chats if he's elected to the Oval Office. He didn't do bad for himself last night, and Slate's John Dickerson explains how this changes the GOP race.

• The prosecution dropped a major bombshell in the George Hugely case today, in my opinion. Very sad.

• Apparently, there will be snow today. Goodnight and good luck.

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