A woman makes a donation into a Salvation Army kettle outside a Giant grocery in Clifton. (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

Good news is a gift, I think. It makes me feel better, more hopeful about the world in which we live. I like to extend that hopefulness any way I can, and, in the spirit of holiday giving, I’d like you to join me in spreading some good cheer: Give a gift of good news for a change.

 Tell us of a good deed you witnessed or experienced this year. If you were a part of your church ministry that delivered food baskets, for instance, tell us how good that felt and why. Oh, I know do-gooders do good for its own sake, and prefer to do it anonymously. But join me on this mission to spread some good news, okay? Post a link in the comments section to your nonprofit organization’s photo gallery showing your participation in, for instance, a walk for the homeless. Come on. It’s open season. Stir up the gifts of good news.

 This evening, Men Aiming Higher, a nonprofit in Prince George’s County, will collect toys and canned goods to donate to less fortunate families at their holiday mixer. See details and photos of more of their good works here. Tomorrow morning, Yolanda Adams, of Praise 104 FM, based in Lanham, will collect toys for needy families at Lowes in Largo. If you know of another upcoming coat drive, post a link here.

 Got photos from a bake sale benefit at your child’s school? Share the link to where they are posted. We get goo-gobs of reports of all the bad stuff that happens in our communities — and, yes, we need to be aware of the dangers lurking and pouncing. But I love hearing good news of breakthroughs and overcoming. Don’t you? A hundred years from now, when our children and grandchildren are researching the daily journals of our times, I’d like them to know there was some good in our world, too. Let’s leave them this little note to find.

Post your good-deed stories and links here. Let’s celebrate this season with gifts of good news!

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