The Lexus CT200h. (Tim Andrew/Courtesy of Lexus)

As I peeped this street-rod inspired hybrid outside my door, nothing about it screamed or whispered eco-friendly.

 Looks can be deceiving, so I opened the door and inspected it front to back. Nothing stood out other than the joystick that apparently shifts gears adjacent to the steering wheel and an Atari paddle contraption in the gearshift’s normal place. 

The NuLuxe interior seating of the Lexus CT200h. (Courtesy of Lexus/Courtesy of Lexus)

I proceeded to load the new Maimouna Youssef CD, The Blooming , into the deck. The Blooming” CD pack is made of certified and environmentally safe board stock with vegetable-based ink and poly-wrapped discs.  I figured a conscious vehicle, like the CT claims to be, deserves like-minded music.

Singer Maimouna Youssef's CD, The Blooming. (Courtesy of Maimouna Youssef Music (ASCAP)/Courtesy of Maimouna Youssef Music (ASCAP))

I found my sweet spot in the CT, cruising the Tidal Basin watching the leaves turned burnt orange by the chill of fall.  I felt the brisk breeze from the open sunroof.  Youssef heated me up with a sultry front seat warmer “I Got A Man” by Jazzy Jeff.  Now my engine was running and I remembered I got a woman. With the press of a button, I activated the Bluetooth feature to interrupt the song to make the call.

Normally conserving energy and gas in ECO mode is enough, but now I engaged the Sport mode to get to my girl a little quicker. The spicy salsa-flavored “O Encontro No Brasil (Meet Me in Brazil) was a musical treat to pass the time. Now I needed turn-by-turn directions and grabbed the Atari paddle activating Enform, which is Lexus’ answer to General Motors’ OnStar.

The 24/7 service team always has your back and is only a call away.  Not having to fumble through the navigation prompts saved time and the assist from D.C. to MD, was magic like Johnson. Enform is a nice addition to the long list of Lexus conveniences.

Still, the CT doesn’t take opulence too seriously and is a hybrid in the truest sense. Lexus has a line of hybrid vehicles that focus on luxury sensibilities. The CT is the most cost effective and has the highest fuel efficiency of any luxury vehicle in the market.

Loving the drive, I forgot I was in a hybrid. There was no green thumb signifier or lack of anything except trips to the gas pump. Still, I made a difference without losing any cool points or foregoing any luxuries of other drivers.

Just as I lost track of the greenness in the car, I did the same with The Blooming.  The messages of self-love, eating healthy, refusing societal lies were all under the hood of Motown soul, Roots Rock Reggae and the other musical influences. The crisp green sound system enhanced the experience of the feel good groves driving community messages to the soul.

The Lexus CT and The Blooming are products built for mainstream consumption but at the core unabashedly push the limits to better their environment and community.

As I pulled up in my girl’s driveway, I realized going green is all good.

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2011 Lexus CT200h Premium

Price Tag: $30,900 base ($36,225 tested)

Power:  1.8L in-line 4 cylinder Engine 134 horsepower

Transmission: Electronically-Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT)

Drivetrain: Front-Wheel drive

Fuel Economy (mpg):  43-city/40-hwy

Mike Tucker is a D.C. native and journalist of fine automobiles for over 10 years.  He is a single dad of three who believes in unique sneakers, great tunes, delicious food and GOD.  You can follow him at @1cooldad.

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