There were two seconds left in the game and the Bladensburg High School Mustangs were one snap away from posting the biggest victory in recent school history against C.H. Flowers High School, who was unbeaten. Defeat seemed certain.

Bladensburg Head Coach Tyler had held Flowers 46 minutes and 58 seconds. Flowers Head Coach Mike Mayor stood stone faced on the sideline. And defensive back coach Ray Crawford said Keith Payne shouldn’t have even been on the field since he was a defensive back.

But Payne lined up. The ball was snapped. Everybody in the stadium knew QB Johnathan Holland was going throw to the end zone.

Payne lept into the air. Time stopped. The Bladensburg players looked like they were watching a movie as Payne snatched the ball out of the air and ran into the end zone. Final score Flowers 25 Bladenburg, 20.

“I just thank Jesus,” Payne said.

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