Alright, so the results are in from the #tweetyourdesk contest I started last week. I Storify'd the results for all of you who were too cool to participate. Props to Jenny Rogers for winning!

Former DC Council member Harry Thomas, Jr. (Jahi Chikwendiu/WASHINGTON POST)

My favorite game show hosted by Alex Trebek is "Concentration." Yours probably is not. And for the millions of people who love "Jeopardy!", last week's taping was a major deal. It was a hot ticket and sold out almost immediately. But at the center of it all still rests Alex Trebek, the stalwart Canadian who never seems to tire of listening to questions. The Post's Dan Zak profiles the man who even when off camera, talks "as if he’s reading cue cards no one else can see."

Get ready kids, D.C. has found itself on yet another Top 10 list. I'm beginning to think that the only people in America that even bother with this bunk are people in this region, but that's fine. The latest ranking comes from, who says that D.C. is the ninth most fashionable city in the U.S. And how did they determine this? By looking at how much money people spend on clothes. The Post's Maggie Fazeli Fard reports on this tremendously logical data.

When I think of cyberattacks, I have flashbacks to the movie "Hackers." A bunch of high school kids making trouble for the local Internet sheriff because they want to hack to their hearts' content. But the real-life government takes these things more seriously and last week passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Slate's Brian Palmer wonders, what exactly would happen should a "catastrophic cyberattack" really go down?

The weekend was all about Bryce Harper for me . Saturday, in his first start, on his first big-league hit, he pulled a total high-school move that every baseball player has done at some point. He knocked his helmet off after rounding first. Trust me, it's liberating, fun and totally makes you run faster lets people see your haircut. Also, he broke out the laser show. Then Sunday, he made an awesome grab in centerfield. In other news, the Nats have lost four straight and can barely score.

Extra Bites

• Were you driving on the GW Parkway around 6 a.m.? Did you see a guy casually strolling along in the buff? Your eyes weren't deceiving you. Police picked the man up and took him to a mental hospital. I presume the image here is a file photo.

• Remember when I pointed out that racism is latent in many circles of hockey fans? I'm not just making stuff up. A Flyers "fan" got in on the act yesterday.

• Did you watch "Girls" last night? Yeah, that girl is NBC's Brian Williams' daughter.

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