Howard University’s Afro Blue jazz ensemble was eliminated on NBC’s The Sing Off Monday night.

For their music professors at Howard University, who’ve watched the ensemble grow since its founding in 2002, it a disappointing result.

“I thought that their performance was stellar, and they did their absolute best,” said associate professor Connaitre Miller, the founder of Afro Blue. “It was fabulous, and you can’t do anymore than that.”

Miller, the coordinator of jazz vocal studies, said the members have told her they feel at peace, knowing they did their best. The group has received several performance requests in addition to the positive feedback and praise from others.

During their last night on the show, the group sang, “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke, for which Miller did the arrangement.

Kehembe Eichelberger, a voice teacher and the coordinator for music business at Howard is also proud of the work Afro Blue has done.

“I’m not sure that that show or any other show will be the thing to validate them,” Eichelberger said. “What has happened—they’ve done their job, and they’ve done it extremely well beyond what we could expect and anybody could expect and what anyone knew.”

Before the finalists entered into the voting portion of the show, judges Sara Bareilles and Ben Folds voted to eliminate Afro Blue while judge Shawn Stockman voted to keep them in the competition.

Stockman said he based his decision on what he saw as Afro Blue’s potential to have a career in the music industry.

News of Afro Blue’s departure from the show has their supporters a buzz on Twitter.

@_Tiea Since Afro Blue is trending nation wide I feel like I we've done our job! I hope @AfroBlueDC is ready for the success coming their way!

@RoneshaLuv Sooo as Afro Blue begins to line up contracts, everyone else on The Sing Off will be forgotten in the next month or so..

@BlackTiePro They keep telling them to be Afro Blue and to not be Afro Blue...

@e_lashley What I will not do, is watch "The Sing-Off" without Afro Blue on there.

@ArcherIsMyName All of Howard University should be very proud of Afro Blue

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