It’s cramping mine! This region is home of the navy blue power suit. You may see a red tie or a colorblock blouse peeking through. And I’m not asking or suggesting that we hit the runway, but can we get a little plaid, a touch more creativity, a dab of texture and just a smidge of shine? D.C. needs a fashion transfusion and a style intervention.

Here’s a quick list of five things to spruce up your wardrobe.


1.Microcheck dress shirt

2.Brightly colored pocket square or multi-colored tie

3.A suit with chalk stripes

4.A bowtie

5.A whiskey-colored lace-up


1.Textured/patterned stockings

2.A suit jacket with a peplum

3.A dress with ruching or asymmetrical pleats

4.A structured handbag (used only as such)

5.A belt (to create shape) with anything

I’ve gone ‘buck wild’ with my list, but I’ll bet you 10 to 1 someone will do a double-take or ask where you got that or where they can get one, or just toss a compliment your way. I’m not greedy – just tell them your personal stylist hooked you up! You were ready to kick your style into second gear even if the rest of D.C. was content to be in neutral. They say simple is always best, but maybe just an inkling of individuality wouldn’t hurt.

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