It's NBA All-Star Weekend, one of my favorite of the year. It gives you everything: sports, music, goofy pop culture appearances. Unfortunately, someone famous also typically does something insane that lands them in jail. Alas.

George Huguely V. (Sabrina Schaeffer/AP)

The power of television is very real. Just ask the Virginia General Assembly. When a bill that would have required women to get an ultrasound before having an abortion moved through the legislature, apparently people didn't realize that such a measure would force vaginal probes. You know who made sure they did know the details of the legislation? Late-night television comedians like Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live. The Post's Laura Vozzella and Anita Kumar explain how things got off-track.

I'm willing to bet that 75 percent of people on the globe have no idea what a velodrome is. Basically, it's a fancy name for a cycling track. It turns out that a nonprofit is planning to build one at Buzzard Point that will be open to the public by summertime. Apparently, this kind of cycling is gaining popularity in the city. There’s one problem though: The group needs money before it can build. The Post's Jonathan O'Connell describes the uphill climb toward the latest arena coming to Southwest.

One of the benefits of owning an iPhone is that you can typically find a charger if you need one. The universal dock setup that Apple has created for its devices makes connectivity easy across all hardware platforms. But what if they got rid of their familiar docks altogether? What if, when they released a new phone, they released a new connector as well, thus making all your old stuff obsolete? The Post's Hayley Tsukayama reports on the latest rumors.

The Ryan Zimmerman contract extension talks have hit a snag. If you ask some people, the Nationals absolutely need to sign the third basemen to a new deal, even though his current one doesn't expire for two more years. In case you were wondering, Zimmerman and Albert Pujols (yes, that one) are making the same amount of money this season. The Post's Adam Kilgore explains the multiple major hurdles that need to cleared before this deal ever happens.

Extra Bites

• A town in Slovakia has voted to name a bridge Chuck Norris. It's not official yet, because the country's regional assembly still has to approve it, but come on. That place would be the best tourist attraction ever.

• My friend Ellie Walton is a filmmaker, and her new project is about St. Elizabeths Hospital. It’s called “Voices From Within.” She talked with IndieCapitol about it.

• Limp Bizkit has signed a music deal with Cash Money Records. Whatever works.

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