Greetings from St. Croix! Vacations are supposed to be a time where you unwind and dine on scrumptious food without a care in the world. I tried to be committed to better health and wellness, but sometimes fell short. Let’s just say I tried. Can I get an A for effort people? Please?

I didn’t completely fall off the wagon. It’s more like I had my torso hang off the back while holding on for dear life with my hands and legs still attached to said wagon. With my beau, grandmother and some friends who live here, I had watchdogs to keep an eye on my every fork-to-mouth action. For that I am grateful.

Keeping in mind what nutrition coach Coach Be told me about healthy eating, I took heed to maybe half of his advice. Terrible, I know, but I am on vacation. Sheesh! For example, last night I had steak tacos but instead of using the toasted tacos shells, I turned it into a salad by adding two big handfuls of spinach. For an occasional snack, I’d grab a piece of fruit instead of one of the assorted Entenmann’s doughnuts my grandmother stashed in the fridge. I also didn’t skip breakfast and sweated enough while just sitting that I must have burned some calories, right?

Then came Sunday night. Let’s just say I had dinner at Auntie Julie’s and pretty much ignored Coach Be’s advice about minimizing my rice and roti intake. I earned that meal! How exactly did I earn it you ask?

Earlier that day we went on an adventure to see tide pools, which are formed by waves crashing on rocks for many years. To get there was a feat in itself. We rented a Jeep Wangler for the trip, which included twists and turns on a dirt (but sometimes paved) single-lane road. Driving over a mountain is nothing like driving through Rock Creek Park, that’s for sure. Bumpy is not even an adequate word for the roller coaster like drive it was.

We conquered the mountain then parked the Jeep on a deserted rocky beach. But we weren’t quite close enough to the tide pools. To get there we had to do a bit of rock climbing. Not a whole lot, but keep in mind I’m a city slicker, so the most “climbing” I do is up the hill on 16th Street past Meridian Park. Once over the rocky hump, we swam and snorkeled until it was time to climb back over to the beach and head out.

All was good and bumpy as my friend Kie navigated the Jeep until we met another Jeep coming down the hill. Did I mention the road was only designed for one car at a time? No shoulders or passing lanes. We had to decide who would pass first. It was like a scene from a one-on-one shoot out in a Western. We sat there staring at each other for a moment. Then Kie made the executive decision to try and pass the other car, which had pulled over into the bushes in order to let us drive by. But there was a five foot deep ditch on the driver’s side of our vehicle a few feet in front of us. Kie was going to maneuver the Jeep over the tiny piece of land before the ditch and lead us to safety, but that piece of land refused to stay intact and crumbled under the weight of the Jeep causing the rear passenger wheel to become aerial.

We were stuck. The gentleman from the oncoming Jeep got out and tried to assist us. After meticulously calculating where to go and how to go about getting back on four wheels, Kie lead us to safety. See? Rice and roti was well deserved.

Along with swimming and of course sweating, in what my grandmother says is unseasonably warm weather for September, I managed to maintain my one pound loss (yes, still only a pound) and not completely lose sight of the journey I have set out to complete. Plus, the beau has decided to join me in my weight-loss journey. He’s always wanted to go sky diving and needs to drop about the same amount of weight as I do. It’s easier to get healthy when you have a workout partner.

I return on Wednesday, and starting next week, I will get back into the swing of things with my dance classes. There is one thing that I plan on adding to my slim list of workout options, though. Spin class. The challenge there is going to be getting up early enough to make it to the 6:30 am session, because I’m the exact opposite of a morning person. As they say in Mozambique, “A luta continua.” The struggle continues.

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