Chuck Brown's public funeral will be held today at the Washington Convention Center, which, as we know, is named after Walter Washington, the first home-rule mayor of D.C. Donnie Simpson, who I am a huge fan of, is hosting. Josh DuLac is all over it.

The Washington Post is near 15th and L Streets NW. When I was a kid, my grandparents lived a few blocks from that location and when my cousin Marc and I walked down to the arcade at 14th and K Streets to play video games and stayed past dark, we knew we'd have to dodge prostitutes. Or, 'streetwalkers' as our family called them. Now, not far from there, the Associated Press is trying to ban the ladies of the night. Mike DeBonis (who's going on vacation) has the details.

Did you move here from a semi-arid climate? Were you not used to switching to bug repellent instead of lotion or moisturizer as soon the calendar turned to May? If so, D.C. probably seems pretty gross, bug-wise. Turns out, not so much. OFF!, that glorious brand, did a little study and the nation's capital ranks 18th on the "Buggiest city in the U.S." list. Maggie Fazeli Fard reports on the ranking and tells us how the numbers were calculated.

Kenyan McDuffie, Ward 5 D.C. council member. He is holding daughter Jozi, 2. (HO)

USA is easily the most underrated network on television. For years, the network has been running non-traditional programming, mixing in sports here and there and managing to stay relevant as a cable network. And now that cable has effectively taken over the television world, USA excels at keeping your summers fresh. Slate's June Thomas explains how they do it, and the correction at the end of the piece is absolutely fantastic for a laugh.

Zach Leonsis, you have failed us. I'm kidding. The Wizards won't be picking first in the draft, but that's not because the owner's son didn't try his best. It's because the NBA lottery is rigged — something I have no problem with. The team that's technically owned by the league, but didn't have the worst record, landed the top pick in a not-at-all-shocking development. The Post's Michael Lee reports on how the ping-pong balls shook out.

Extra Bites

• Greensburg, Ind. wins the 'worst place in America' award for this story yesterday. A six-year-old sang a song at a church there that town that included the lyrics, pardon me, "ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven." And the crowd went wild. Seriously. What a mess.

• Taco Bell is definitely mixing Mountain Dew with orange drink juice and acting like it's some sort of breakfast beverage.

• The "Les Misérables" movie trailer is surprisingly non-miserable! Sort of.

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