Today's Friday the 13th, which likely means a horror movie is coming out. I guess it turns out that 'Cabin In the Woods' isn't nearly as ridiculous as it seems.

Founder and CEO of weGrow Dhar Mann speaks during the grand opening of a weGrow marijuana cultivation supply store March 30, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Alex Wong/GETTY IMAGES)

The plan to revamp the Alexandria waterfront has hit a snag. The city's zoning board voted to kibosh the proposal, which has been the source of much argument in Northern Virginia. The group claims that the group protesting the plan didn't get a fair shot at opposing the overhaul. The plan was for a multi-million dollar redevelopment with a boutique hotel among other things. Opponents say it's too much, too fast. The Post's Patricia Sullivan details the latest snag in this epic saga.

If you've ever been to college, you've heard of underwater basketweaving. If someone wants to describe a non-academic elective course and they're over the age of 40, they'll likely break out that term. But in Prince William County, they're taking the old activity and giving it a modernized twist. Kids are not weaving baskets, but building robots, underwater, and they're doing it in high school. The Post's Jeremy Borden reports on the National SeaPerch Challenge in Manassas Park.

French scientists are trying to teach baboons to read. Oddly enough, they're trying to do it in English. And by 'teach them to read' I mean, 'help them identify the difference between words and gobbledygook.' According to the journal Science, a baboon named Dan, seriously, identified the letters 'KITE' as a word. Call me when 100 monkeys with 100 typewriters type out the complete works of Shakespeare.

It was kind of a bittersweet day for D.C. sports Thursday . The Nationals picked up a victory in their home opener, a wild game that ended on a wild pitch. Gio Gonzalez pitched a gem, but didn't end up with the win after a blown save. He even got a hit, the most fun moment of the game. Alas, that night, the Caps played the Bruins tough for 60 minutes, then 2 minutes later lost in overtime. The Post's Katie Carrera has the gamer.

Extra Bites

• Moving GIFs are kind of jumping the shark, but every once a while a blog comes out that puts them to good use. Here's another one, and it's D.C. related. Prepare to clear the next 45 minutes of your life to read the entire thing and laugh.

• Um, the Mayor of Newark is officially the coolest mayor in America today. This dude saved a woman from a burning building. Straight up.

• "Caine's Arcade" may bring on the waterworks. Happy weekend, kiddos!

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