Lil Wayne accepts the award for best hip-hop video at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month. (Mark J. Terrill/MARK J. TERRILL/INVISION/AP)

In videos released by TMZ this week, we see Wayne — arms crossed, slumped over against a desk, hoodie covering his mangle of dreadlocks — answering basic questions about his jail time, arrests and other legal dust-ups with a curt response: “I don’t recall.”

The deposition is part of Wayne’s lawsuit against Quincy Jones III for a documentary Jones did on the rapper.

It’s not-meant-to-be-but-turned-out-that-way hilarious footage that also reveals a side of Wayne less often seen. His arrogant side.

Ross (at minute 1:38 in the video below): Ever hired a photographer to photograph an event?

Wayne: Have I ever hired a photographer to photograph an event? Sorry, sir, no. I’m a superstar. People hire them themselves to photograph me. We don’t hire them.

Really? No hired photographers ever? Not even to capture Reginae Carter’s 13th birthday party? I guess superstars don’t do those kinds of normal things. The self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” is sounding like the most cocky rapper alive.

But we know he’s one of many hip-hop artists who love to remind you, the non-superstar, how high and mighty he is, which begs the question:

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