Scrappy and his girlfriend Shay from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” (David Pomponio/GETTY IMAGES FOR VH1)

When we catch up with Joseline, she’s posing for photos in a mess of streamers and rhinestones. Stevie J oozes in and says he hates the costume, but he didn’t come there to play producer. He’s ticked off because Joseline’s been threatening Mimi via text, and disrespecting his “family”. 

Still trying to juggle both women, he sells Mimi dreams of monogamy, while sleeping with Joseline. I’m disappointed that either one of them would even consider being with this emotionally abusive jerk. Joseline stands by the texts, and tells Stevie to go be with Mimi. Could she actually be done with him?

 Across town, Momma Dee meets up with Shay for a little “girl talk and Momma time”.  Shay, knowing that Momma Dee is overprotective (read:disturbingly obsessed with her son), wants to get chummy with her to avoid drama now that she and Scrappy are together. They don’t have a title – of course – but she claims it’s because she wants to take things slow.

 Seeing an opening to bad mouth Erica, Momma Dee starts going off about the asthma attack Scrappy had a few nights before, and tells Shay she’s willing to get “gangsta” if Erica tries Shay.

 If I hear Momma Dee say, “She left my child for dead” one more time. One, it’s not true. Erica dropped his spoiled behind off at the hospital because people with real jobs can’t take off every time your chronically asthmatic son gets sick. Two, Scrappy left Erica with a friend when she miscarried years ago. Three, he’s supposedly breaking up with her – at least that’s what he told Shay, who wants to know why Erica was even in the position to take Scrappy to the hospital at 6 a.m. Dun dun dun!

 Speaking of delusional women, Karlie is upset because Mimi didn’t stand up for her when K. Michelle confronted and threatened to fight her in episode 5. Mimi was getting some passive aggressive revenge by blindsiding her last week, but Karlie had to know her trifling chickens would come to roost eventually.

Mimi opens up about Stevie’s infidelity and the pregnancy, leading Karlie to mock her in the confessional, saying, “Oh you’re stupid. Oh you’re hurt”. Ugh. She then informs Mimi about her attempt to work with Joseline, using industry catchphrases like, “It’s just business”.

Later, Karlie meets up with K. Michelle to discuss what happened. K. Michelle agrees, saying “I’ll go down there because I don’t want that spirit in my house.”

 Can someone pretty please make a YouTube anthology of K. Michelle’s best one-liners? She had me in tears last night. Karlie was busy trying to belittle her and bring up her bad reputation, and K. Michelle just let her have it, calling Karlie out on all of her wrongdoings.

 When Karlie tried to give K. Michelle some advice on how to conduct herself in their business, K. Michelle wasn’t hearing it. “Show me the receipts. I looked up your name and all I saw is a brand of vinegar.” They part, having settled nothing, but giving me endless laughs.

 Joseline, who – dare I say it – doesn’t look as bad with less makeup, discusses the Mimi/Stevie drama with Queen, her stylist/friend. She claims to be done with him, finally realizing that Stevie, and not Mimi, is the true enemy. She’s even been secretly working with another producer. She should’ve been done after that abortion, but I digress.

 Rasheeda is also considering making some changes. She wants new management after her husband, Kirk, doesn’t get a great turnout for the unveiling of her new video, “Marry Me”. He feels like he’s breaking his neck for her and she’s never happy.

 To make matters worse, when she gives the cue for the video, the monitor doesn’t work, and she has to instruct the audience to turn around. Rasheeda takes a shot at Kirk saying, “Sometimes my team just be slippin’.”

Elsewhere, Scrappy is still moving out of Erica’s. Ever the manipulative one, he’s trying to avoid any bad blood between the two of them. Not for their daughter, as he says, but so he can keep Erica on the backburner, just in case. She tells him he can’t play with her emotions, or have everything his way.

 Before leaving, Scrappy reveals his real motives. He asks Erica to “look out for me on the child support paperwork”. Erica isn’t having it. Weeks ago, she asked him to deposit money into their daughter Emani’s bank account, and he has been dragging his feet. She refuses to take him off child support because she can’t trust him to deliver on the cash without it. He throws a mini-tantrum and leaves.

Things are heating up between Karlie and Benzino. He makes her a candlelit dinner at his home, and she’s doing her annoying, baby-voiced flirting.

She tells him she Googled him, and didn’t like what she found, probably referring to his exit from The Source magazine. He says he was raised right, and hasn’t “felt this way in a long time.” Gag. They just met last week. 

 He’s gives her some gifts, and there is an uncomfortable close-up on a face-smashing kiss. Make it stop.

 Rasheeda wants to talk to K. Michelle about her problems with Kirk. She wants to get outside management to salvage their personal relationship. K. Michelle doesn’t know if it’s a good idea to go behind his back. She doesn’t want her to sacrifice her happy family for the music industry.

 Despite K. Michelle’s advice, Rasheeda meets up with Deb Antney from Mizay Entertainment. She wants to drop a new album and take her career to the next level. Deb believes Rasheeda isn’t progressing because of her current label, DLO Records, and Rasheeda bursts into tears because that is her husband’s label. She knew Kirk was holding her back, but hearing someone say it still hurt.

 Meanwhile, Stevie meets with Benzino, wearing a backwards cap and a shirt that’s a few sizes too small, just like his heart. After they discuss the dinner with Karlie – who plans to introduce Benzino to her family – Stevie dishes about the Joseline’s threatening texts to Mimi.

 Benzino immediately asks if Stevie is still sleeping with Joseline, to which he slimily responds, “Occasionally I still take a dip in.” Goodness. Watching him every Monday is like a crash course in misogyny.

 He won’t stand for Joseline disrespecting his family – because he is such a family man, and still wants to get Mimi back. If she even considers making up with him, I’m never watching this show again.

 Erica meets with Momma Mignon to talk about Scrappy moving out. She admits her mother was right about Scrappy. They aren’t right for each other, and he’s playing games, wanting to be taken off child support so that he has an excuse to see her whenever she needs money for the baby. Mignon is enraged, and tells her to keep the law involved because he’s going to help out, “either by choice or by force.”

 Kirk thinks he’s getting the cold shoulder from Rasheeda, but she’s trying to break the news that she wants another manager. As predicted, he’s upset that she didn’t tell him about the meeting prior to booking it. She claims wanted a perspective from someone outside of the situation, but he’s feeling unappreciated because he thinks he’s gotten her where she is.

We then catch back up with Mimi who is meeting with Joseline to receive some sorry excuse for an apology. Joseline tries to rationalize her bad behavior, saying she sent the texts because Mimi calls Stevie’s phone when they are together, bringing up her name. “That’s my daughter’s father and I can call him whenever I feel,” Mimi snaps back. She also says she will bring her name up when she wants to because she is an issue.

Not discouraged, Joseline continues to press the matter. She says Stevie has been feeding them both lies, and apologizes for the text and the pregnancy. She says they are both victims, but Mimi isn’t sold. Her issue with the apology is that she doesn’t believe her. It should have been a straightforward apology, not one filled with excuses.

Could this be it? Could these women all be on the verge of taking control of their lives and taking out the garbage? Please make it be true.

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