This week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta was a big ball of delicious trash, with little doses of positivity slipped in to assuage viewers’ guilt. If you didn’t see it, please catch a rerun. This recap can only do it so much justice.

Mimi and Stevie J of the VH1 show “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta”. (David Pomponio/GETTY IMAGES FOR VH1)

Stevie wants to get on the right track, and thanks, Dr. Jeff, for helping him see the light. Mimi, however, is still skeptical. She knows that Stevie is scum and doesn’t trust that he and Joseline can go from being bed buddies to being just manager and client.

He understands why she no longer trusts him, and doesn’t want to be a liar anymore. This feels like one of the most genuine apologies Stevie has ever given…until he tells Mimi he wants Joseline to come to therapy with them in order to sort out his lies, vanquish his demons and all of that good stuff.

Mimi, of course, is not pleased. She’s in a relationship with Stevie, not Joseline. Eventually she tells Stevie she’ll think about it, but what she’s really doing is scheming. More on that magnificent drama later.

Karlie and Joseline meet up at a restaurant in College Park to squash their mini-beef because Karlie still wants to make a record with Joseline.

The shade, the glorious shade, Joseline tosses Karlie’s way in this scene almost makes me like her. Karlie argues that if their managers want them to collaborate, it’s going to happen. Joseline doubts that will matter because she’s just about done working with Esteebie.

Joseline’s becoming more independent, and Karlie can work with Stevie whenever she wants. Of course, Karlie, starved for drama, picks that time to gloat about being right about the Stevie/Joseline affair. 

“Why were you so worried about me messing with Stevie?” Joseline wants to know. Um, because Karlie revels in negativity? Of course, Joseline doesn’t come to that conclusion. She believes Karlie is interested in more than just Stevie’s skills as a producer, which prompts Karlie to start bragging about Benzino. *Bangs head against keyboard*

She and Joseline start to have some giggling girl talk about the budding relationship. Joseline knows Benzino through Stevie, so she tells Karlie she better be sure to treat him right.

Scrappy and Shay are featured in the VH1 show “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.” (David Pomponio/GETTY IMAGES FOR VH1)

Things get worse when Shay kisses Scrappy goodbye. Instead of just going to Erica to report drama, Rasheeda decides to be straightforward with Scrappy, reminding him that she and Erica are friends and he JUST BROKE UP WITH HER.

Rasheeda tells Scrappy that Erica was in tears after their breakup, and he can’t keep popping in and out of Erica’s life. He claims he’s done, but who knows?

After the commercial, we catch Karlie at a photo shoot for a feature in Hip Hop Weekly that Benzino arranged. He wants to make sure her manager understands that he is actually good for her career. She seems to regret ever telling him her manager believed Benzino wasn’t hot enough to help her image. He wants to make sure she sees him as an asset.

“You are the pieces to my puzzle,” says Karlie in her baby voice. What happens next is probably the most sickening and scripted thing to ever happen on reality TV. She pulls out these matching, puzzle piece necklaces. When you put them together, they spell out “Karlie and Benzino 4Eva,” or something along those sickening lines. I hate life.

Next up, a trip to Pearl Bistro for Rasheeda and Scrappy’s performance of their new song. K. Michelle, Mimi and Ariane come to support her, but Kirk didn’t make it. Things still aren’t happy there, but Rasheeda wants to stay focused on the night.

She does, however, feel up to gossiping about Scrappy moving on from Erica. She doesn’t reveal the identity of his “friend” and admits she hasn’t told Erica, yet. Right on cue, Shay and Scrappy show up, which doesn’t sit well with K. Michelle.

“My whole left leg is doing the Elvis Pressley. I feel some type of way,” she says. If only K. Michelle’s tweets were as golden as her random outbursts.

Despite the other women’s doubts, K. Michelle plans to tell Erica, and hopes that the rest of them would do her the same favor if they caught her man doing wrong.

Later, Mimi finally spends some time with Ariane. Um, she’s been missing for the past six episodes. I want more Ariane! Mimi fills her in about counseling, and Ariane seems disappointed that Mimi hasn’t cut ties with Stevie completely. Mimi says it is all for their daughter’s sake, but Ariane still isn’t buying it. 

That’s when Mimi dishes on the plan to bring Joseline into therapy. Stevie says it’s to make Mimi feel better about him still working with Joseline, but that’s never going to happen – especially after Joseline called Mimi and said that even though Stevie and Mimi have a family, she’s not going to stop sleeping with him because he’s good in bed. Of course, Joseline said it in the most crass manner possible, but whatever.

Ariane is undone. She doesn’t think the three-way counseling will work, but Mimi just wants everything to come out. She’s knows Joseline is going to turn that therapy session inside out.

Elsewhere, K. Michelle meets up with Erica to break the news about Scrappy. Unlike Karlie, she’s not happy to do this to her friend. Erica is too hurt to form words. To her, it seems like Scrappy is back to his old ways, just like what happened with Diamond.

He’s a serial monogamist, and she feels like he’s hurting himself. She wants him to figure out what he wants, because their daughter, Emani, is the one who is really getting hurt. Seven-year-old Emani knows her family isn’t stable, she just can’t understand why any of this is happening.

Erica says she’s never going to bash Emani’s father — I love Erica so much – and she doesn’t have to, because Emani will see his shortcomings on her own.

After that last counseling session, Mimi decided she needs to make peace with the memory of her mother. She goes to spread her mother’s ashes over a body of water with her brother Kwesi and Ariane.

Mimi and her mother had a rocky relationship. Her mother joined what Mimi cryptically called “the religion” and kicked her daughter out of the house when she was 13. Her mother never apologized to her, but Mimi forgave her anyway.

Now back to Benzino, who is visiting his jeweler to pick out a present for Karlie. After eyeing a gaudy necklace with a huge heart-shaped pendant, Benzino settles on a diamond-encrusted ring. Is he — no, he can’t be! If he proposes to that woman I don’t know if I can make it through this season. 

Across town, Rasheeda and Kirk meet up with Deb Antney from Mizay Entertainment to clear the air and make decisions about Rasheeda’s career. It’s the same old argument. Kirk is hurt that Rasheeda hid the first meeting from him, and D-Lo Records is the reason why Rasheeda is selling more records than she has in her life. Blah.

Deb isn’t OK with that logic. It isn’t about fault. It’s about growth, and coming up from under the ground. “She’s dirty, she’s stinkin’, she wants to come up for air,” Deb yells. 

Kirk just wanted to make sure working with Deb was in Rasheeda’s best interests, and he feels like he got attacked. It’s the same old conversation. Just fire him already.

Then there is another pointless scene to make us believe in Stevie and Benzino’s mythical bromance. Stevie tells him that Mimi and Joseline have both agreed to go to counseling. Benzino knows that idea is stupid, but Stevie isn’t listening.

It’s not like Benzino is making any smart moves this episode. Benzino tells Stevie he bought Karlie an engagement ring. I appreciate him being willing to take on the “monogamy challenge” but dude, Karlie is not it.

Now to the main event: the Mimi/Stevie/Joseline therapy session. Mimi only agreed to the three-way session to see Stevie’s lies crumble. They tell Dr. Jeff that their communication has been improving, but they still have the Joseline issue.

Mimi and the doctor both utter an “Hmm” when Stevie talks about Joseline being just a friend and business partner. Mimi immediately knows they are still together, and Dr. Jeff tells him to look at his shoe because he’s just stepped into something.

Joseline shows up, and she’s confused as to why she is there. According to her, she didn’t know anything about Mimi when she and Stevie first started dating. Well, for the first three months, at least.

Dr. Jeff asks if looking at Mimi, and knowing Stevie, she could really believe she was “just the baby mama”. (Insert eye roll here.)

That’s when Stevie decides to pick up some tissue and dab the sweat on Joseline’s face. Joseline replies with a “Thank you, baby” and then everything goes down in a spiraling cyclone of name-calling, punches and screaming.

Mimi is furious that Stevie is so blatantly disrespectful, and Dr. Jeff calls him on his passive aggressive nonsense. But that’s not where the real magic begins.

When Mimi tells Joseline that she is living with Stevie, Joseline snaps, punching Stevie in the stomach. It is epic. It is ugly. It is glorious.

Ever the gentleman, Stevie tries to tackle Joseline, pushing her up against the wall, but to no avail. Apparently, Joseline moonlights as a cage fighter. She places him in a headlock with so much strength that a fleet of producers and security guards pops out of nowhere to pry her arms from around his neck. She is the Bane to his fragile and out-of-shape Batman. He storms out, broken and ashamed.

Meanwhile, Mimi sits on the couch calmly flipping her hair. This was all in her master plan, to watch Stevie’s world fall apart and have Joseline do her dirty work. In her confessional Mimi reveals that she was silently cheering Joseline on. “I’m just going to sit and let you whack him. Get him again. Get him for me. Ah!”

Poor Esteebie.

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