Mimi and Stevie, minus the t hird member of their relationship, Joseline. (David Pomponio/GETTY IMAGES FOR VH1)

Dr. Jeff scoots over to Mimi to see how she feels about the fallout. She says she’s finally done. Naturally, she’s furious because it confirmed her suspicions, but she still wants Joseline’s side of the story, and Dr. Jeff gets it.

In a one-one with Dr. Jeff, Joseline, who has been believing Stevie’s lies, says she needs to let it all go. Dr. Jeff asks about her past. She tells him she’s been on her own since she was 13, having runaway because she had no support, which is why she caves so easily to Stevie’s false promises of love.

Over at Piedmont Park, Erica confronts Scrappy about Shay, choosing not to talk to him at her house, where their daughter Emani might overhear. She grants him a chance to come clean about Shay, but of course, he consults the Scumbag Handbook. Rule No. 1: Never admit to anything.

He says he and Shay are just friends, and denies sleeping with her. Fortunately, Erica doesn’t believe him. He then reminds her that they are not together, so he can hang out with whomever he chooses.

But then, why is he texting Erica, telling her he loves her and misses her? Why does he feel the need to lie about Shay? In the beginning, Scrappy had his flaws, but he stood up for Erica when she was disrespected. Now? This is ridiculous.

Erica’s main focus is Emani. Teary-eyed, she asks him if this is the way Emani is supposed to think a man treats a woman. She says a girl’s relationship with her father can set the tone for all of her relationships with men.

Of course, Scrappy thinks this is all about him, saying in the confessional that Erica’s tears make him think she really must love him because he’s never seen her show that much emotion.

She tells him she’s heard all of these promises before, and this fool replies, “At the end of the day, you can’t do nothing but take my word and pray about it.”

Back to Joseline, who’s at Benzino’s looking for Stevie, to get answers from Master Splinter’s philandering twin. She’s upset that she hasn’t seen him since she punched him during therapy. Uh, duh. Of course you haven’t been on speaking terms with the man you assaulted! Oh, Joseline.

Stevie isn’t lurking in his hallways, but Benzino is willing to talk to her. Apparently, Joseline snapped during therapy because just the night before, she and Stevie had sex in Benzino’s spare room. Benzino starts making excuses for Stevie, trying to distinguish between “making love” and having sex. My last shred of appreciation for Benzino just evaporated.

Benzino doesn’t know if she can separate the sex from the business, but Joseline is quick to correct him. Stevie is the one who can’t keep it professional.

Joseline is most upset at Stevie for lying about Mimi, because she and Stevie are still having unprotected sex. Yep, even after the abortion fiasco. I’m 99.99 percent sure Stevie isn’t using condoms with Mimi, either. That’s just a recipe for a sexually transmitted disaster.

She wants another therapy session with Stevie and Mimi to get everything on the table sans punching. She tells Benzino to pass on the message, because Stevie is too much of a coward to have a discussion with her. She leaves in a huff, and Benzino seems exasperated and drained – just like I feel every time I watch this show.

Momma Dee meets Scrappy at the barbershop to discuss his woman troubles. He’s trying to make it work with Erica, and Momma Dee, who is Team Shay all the way, isn’t happy. Scrappy is thinking about his daughter, for once, but Momma Dee argues that she and Scrappy’s father were able to end it. Why can’t he be done with Erica? 

He tells her they are different people, but Mommy is still upset that Erica “left him for dead” during his asthma attack. Scrappy, to his credit, corrects his mother when she calls Erica outside of her name, reminding her that Erica is Emani’s mother. She backs down, but in her confessional she says he “dipped back in the dip sack” and needs to move on. She also mispells that five-letter word she called Erica, but I digress.

He’s also not sure about Shay, doubting his ability to judge people’s character after Diamond. Momma Dee doesn’t want him tied down – “How do players play? All day, every day, y’heard me?” – but he doesn’t want that life for himself.

Also seeking advice, Erica goes shopping with Rasheeda. They both know Scrappy is lying about his “friendship” with Shay, and Erica is finally ready to move on, having lost hope in Scrappy. She blames Momma Dee’s unhealthy habits, saying Scrappy’s developing his mother’s ways.

Unfortunately, we’re then forced to sit through another Benzino/Karlie scene. During lunch, she thanks him for everything he’s done, but he feels like everything revolves around her career. She thinks his ego was bruised after her manager called him “cold”. In his confessional, he says the ring in his pocket is getting heavy. She thinks he just wants her to be barefoot and pregnant, but when he asks that they stop all shop talk for the rest of their date, and she agrees.

Later, Karlie and Joseline rock go climbing in the skimpiest workout clothes ever. Apparently they are now BFFs, having seen each other often since Stevie is staying at Benzino’s. Joseline spills about therapy, and Karlie’s first question is the smartest thing that has been asked this season: “What the [expletive] was you thinking?” Please tell us, Joseline. Inquiring minds desperately want to know.

Joseline wants to go back, putting aside the fact that she punched him in the face. They then swing the conversation to Karlie and Benzino, because Karlie was taking a break from Benzino for whatever reason. There’s more talk about her “managers,” “career”, etc. Joseline wants Karlie to play it smart, but doesn’t plan on taking her own advice. She intends to go to therapy and squash the drama, but continue to work, and sleep with, Stevie. I don’t have a comment about any of this. Anything I say will be too mean.

I like Rasheeda, but I am over this drama between her and Kirk, as well. Of course, this is a tough spot they are in, but they keep rehashing the same old argument. At dinner, she tells him to protect their relationship – and his ego – she’s decided not to work with Deb and to focus on them. To solidify it, she wants them to renew their vows at a small ceremony with close family and friends.

Anyway, Stevie and Benzino are at the strip club sharing some bro time by tossing dollar bills and degrading the dancers. Benzino arranged this outing because strip clubs give him “clarity,” and they need to discuss their woman issues.

Benzino says three-way therapy was stupid, but Stevie basically wanted to be able to expose all of his dirt so he can run around being awful without having to lie about it.

In his perfect world, he’d keep them both around, and live “happily ever after”. Stevie and his delusions — it’s both fascinating and frustrating to watch.

Afterward, Benzino meets Mimi at a Midtown carwash. He advises her to end the fussing, and fight Stevie with kindness. What kind of nonsense… but Mimi, thankfully, doesn’t plan to treat Stevie with respect until he learns to respect her.

Benzino argues that one mistress in 15 years is not terrible, but Mimi says she’s been going through it since she had Stevie’s baby.

Somehow, Benzino then slips up and calls Mimi Joseline’s name. She feels vindicated. Joseline must be around often if Benzino made that stupid mistake. She’s not letting them walk all over her, and Benzino reminds her that he’s there for her.

Later, Erica and Rasheeda head toSaving Our Daughters to see K. Michelle perform a poem to young girls about her experience with domestic violence. Rasheeda wants to see K. Michelle grow and get better, but feels uncomfortable because the man who beat K. Michelle is the husband of one of Rasheeda’s close friends. He completely denies it, and Rasheeda feels stuck in the middle. Eventually they need to have a talk about it, but right now Rasheeda and Erica just want to go support her.

K. Michelle says the poem while wearing a wedding dress and wounds created from makeup. She immediately starts tearing up at lines like, “The arms that used to wrap me with love were now bruising, crushing me and threatening me.” Afterward, she said she felt like she’d begun taking the steps to heal from what happened in the past.

Back to Benzino’s house where he is cooking dinner, Karlie wants to talk to him about his temper. She can’t figure out why he’s angry, but he feels like she causes it by solely focusing on her career.

She also wants him to trust her when she goes to the studio, even though she lied about working with a man from her native Trinidad, who her family wanted her to be with romantically. She says she didn’t tell him because she knew it would upset him, but admits she was wrong.

After her performance, K. Michelle wanted to discuss things with Rasheeda.

Rasheeda wants to develop their friendship, but she also doesn’t want to be disloyal to her old friends. Prior to the performance, K. Michelle’s former abuser tweeted her, saying he made her. K. Michelle feels like she’s grown because she didn’t lose it, and she wants to thank Rasheeda for not taking sides, but things go south.

Rasheeda suggests that the man hasn’t apologized because the beating didn’t really happen. How she formed her lips to say those words to anyone is beyond me. 

K. Michelle is furious. She knows what happened, and still has text messages to prove it. If she was evil, she could send all of the evidence to a blog. For three years her career was ruined, none of these people were there, and he’s still trying to hurt her. “What happened to saying, I’m sorry that happened to you?” she screams and storms off from the table.

With all of this drama brewing, the season finale, which airs next Monday, is sure to be insane. Will Rasheeda and K. Michelle patch things up? Is Mimi really done with Stevie J? And why can’t Momma Dee spell? Stay tuned.

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