Mimi and Stevie from “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta”. (David Pomponio/GETTY IMAGES FOR VH1)

They began by discussing the backlash from critics who said the show negatively portrayed black women and their relationships. *rubs hands together*

Mimi argued that the Stevie Situation was just what was going on in her life. That it wasn’t a scripted effort by VH1 (c’mon now) or Mona to paint another unflattering picture of black women on reality TV.

“I don’t know one woman who hasn’t been cheated on,” said Mimi.

Then Mona goes on a defensive rant about this show not representing “every black woman everywhere”. It was about their lives…blah, blah, blah. The black community is very sensitive about less-than-favorable depictions of themselves on television for a reason.

It is why I watch this show, and then detox with a nice, thick book. But that’s another rant for another day.

Now on to the viewer-submitted questions, and this has to be said, the questions these people sent in are so disrespectful, so intrusive.

The very first question is about Karlie’s age. Of course, she doesn’t give a straight answer saying, “I’m beautiful, I’m young, I’m talented. I never tell my age.” 

Mona, who enjoyed every second of this by the way, allowed the audience to guess. The general synopsis was that she’s definitely over 40. Of course, K. Michelle chimed in, citing Karlie’s infamous Wikipedia page. Karlie says they are the same age, and that’s when K. Michelle really pipes up.

“The truth is she marched with Martin Luther King in 1968,” said K. Michelle. She just wants Karlie to be honest, reminding them that Mimi doesn’t lie about her age.

To be fair, when you’re aging as gracefully as Mimi is, telling your true age is like bragging.

There are a few more barbs exchanged by the ladies, and of course, K. Michelle wins. It gets a little raunchy, so I’m going to omit the especially trife comments K made about Karlie’s nether-regions. I just wanted y’all to know that I caught that, too.

Mona breaks it up, with a viewer question about what plastic surgery the cast has had. Mimi, Rasheeda and Erica say they haven’t had any. K. Michelle admits to getting her teeth and breasts done, but her backside is au natural. “That’s my booty. I got that from my Mama and Jiffy cornbread,” she said.

Karlie also admits to getting her boobs done. Joseline’s had her boobs and teeth done. There are some titters in the audience about her rear, to which she responds, “Don’t hate because I’m fine!” Did I suddenly get sucked back into high school?

Mona follows that question up by asking Joseline if she’d ever been a man. Then Joseline reminds us that Mona knows firsthand that Joseline has lady parts – she saw her take the pregnancy test.

Mona then asks the rest of the cast if any of them doubted if Joseline was a woman. Erica happily raises her hand, and Joseline tells her that Scrappy knows she’s a woman because she used to dance for him. Erica says that doesn’t prove anything.

We’re not done degrading Joseline just yet, though.  The DJ asks her to identify “Shenelleca Bettencourt”. Apparently, that was her stripper name when she was 16, because it was the name on her fake ID when she got arrested. “Well, I went to jail a bunch of times,” says Joseline, but twice under the fake name. She’d been to jail about 20 times, usually caught up in strip club raids.  She’s gotten so many mugshots, she couldn’t even tell us which one it was.

Oh, great. Now we’re going to discuss Karlie’s messy behind. There’s a montage of all of Karlie’s meddling and the backlash.

Karlie claims she was looking out for Mimi, but K. Michelle tells “Fossil Redd” to stop with the lies. There’s a bunch of back and forth that Mona eventually breaks up by asking Karlie about her daughter. Karlie claims that she just wanted to keep her daughter out of it, to protect her from being teased at school. Let us know how well that plan’s worked out, Karlie.

Then an audience member by the name of “Funky Dineva,” – no comment, at all about Funky – asks Karlie about her “affiliation” with Cash Money. She explains that two of the vice presidents of Cash Money are her managers, but she’s not signed. I still need to see some documented proof of that.

Now on to K. Michelle and Rasheeda’s highly publicized beef, one of the worst things about this show.  Having heard both sides of the story, Rasheeda still doesn’t believe K. Michelle’s story about the abuse. K. Michelle admits that she’s not perfect, but telling her story has been helping other women suffering through domestic violence. She says that Rasheeda was perfectly supportive while they were taping, but when the season aired, and she got pressure from others – probably K’s (alleged) abuser and his wife – and Rasheeda backpedaled.

That’s when K. Michelle goes a little too far, dragging Kirk in the argument. She criticizes Rasheeda for disrespecting her husband on television. It ends with Rasheeda hopping up, ready to fight and being escorted from the stage. Honestly this whole argument isn’t worth upping my word count. It’s not Rasheeda’s fight. She should’ve shut up a long time ago.

Speaking of useless arguments, Mona brings up the brawl between Erica/Scrappy and Joseline/Stevie. You know, when Scrappy “put dem paws on em.” Mona claims the fight was edited because of “a network effort to minimize the violence” they show. Blah.

Scrappy says he went in, seeking an apology for Erica. Things only escalated because Joseline started screaming and he couldn’t understand “her dialect”. It starts to get heated again, but security is on it, and calms them down. Stevie’s hospital visit comes up. We never really get a clear answer about his injuries, but for some reason, I just know he lost the fight.

To Scrappy’s surprise, a viewer then asks if Scrappy’s probation officer called about the fight. “Well, she will now,” he said, with an incredulous look on his face.

Joseline, Stevie, Mimi and Ariane get on stage to discuss that stewpot of drama. Stevie claims he is working on his love with Mimi. Neither of them will admit to ever thinking of marriage. Their relationship was too on again, off again for Mimi to truly consider it. Maybe she did subconsciously, she admits.

He doesn’t believe that she didn’t want it. Mimi says that may have been what other women wanted – um, Eve – and Joseline makes it clear that despite those engagement rumors, she just wants him for sex and his cash. “Now get to work,” she tells Stevie. 

There are more titters from the crowd when Joseline claims that she respects and loves Mimi. “I gotta love her because I love him,” she says, claiming that her love for Stevie stems from the opportunities he’s given her. She may curse him out and punch him, but she still loves him. Mimi claims she’s done the same. “But that’s not good conflict resolution,” says Mona.

Ariane brings up morals, because you know, she’s the decent person. Joseline says Stevie doesn’t have any morals. He doesn’t take kindly to her speaking for him, but Joseline tells him to shut up, prompting Stevie to move to Mimi and Ariane’s couch.

He accuses Ariane of hating on him, and she breaks it down for the pink skinny jeans-clad idiot. Mimi is her friend, and Mimi needed a support system. Stevie wasn’t there, and if he really loved Mimi, he never would have put her through all of that.

Mona asks Mimi if she was embarrassed or ashamed because she stayed. She says the audience can have their opinions, but she’s not going to take it to heart. Stevie gets asked about the lack of respect he showed for Mimi.  Once again, he circumvents the question and starts blaming Ariane for his problems.

But was Mimi staying with him because of “the lifestyle?” asks Mona. Mimi has been self-sufficient for her entire life. “Get it right” she tells everyone on Twitter.

Mona asks Joseline how she handles Stevie, and Joseline says she knows him like the back of her hand, and accepts all of his nonsense, basically. Then, Mona asks Joseline if she has some advice to give Mimi on how to handle a guy like Stevie. Yes, that really happened.

Mimi is outdone. She “handled” him for 15 years. She doesn’t need any advice. And then, we’re discussing The Pregnancy

Joseline wasn’t surprised by Stevie’s reaction to her news. It says so much about her self-esteem that she blames herself. She basically believes that as the woman, she should have quietly gotten an abortion and kept it moving. Talk about ridiculous. Joseline wasn’t even offended that he doubted the baby was his. She figured he probably questioned Mimi the same way, but Mimi and Stevie are both quick to shut that down. 

Stevie admits that his initial reaction was abrasive and insensitive, and claims he doubted her because she was messing around with some ballplayer. After a bit of prodding from Mona, Stevie finally admits he believed that it was his baby. Hopefully, since you were carrying the pregnancy test around in your pocket. Just unsanitary.

While he suggested Joseline terminate the pregnancy, Joseline says she made the decision on her own.  He already has five kids. She didn’t want to have his child, or any child just yet. She chose her career. Of course, Stevie starts gloating, reminding her that she asked him to marry her.

“Of course I want to marry you now, you bout to make a whole bunch of money. Mimi, you wanna join? Let’s get a check,” said Joseline. 

Mimi and Stevie are asked if they can ever let each other go, and neither of them is able to say no definitively. The cliffhanger: Are Joseline and Stevie currently together?

Because this is the Trashy TV Show That Never Ends, we’ve got to wait on part 2. Which will involve the Shay/Scrappy/Erica showdown, a confrontation between Benzino and Karlie, Stevie explaining his faces, and Scrappy may propose to Erica. Happy joy.

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