Scrappy and Shay star in “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” on VH1. (David Pomponio/GETTY IMAGES FOR VH1)

Erica invites Scrappy over to tell him she wants to parent Emani together, but she doesn’t want a relationship with him because she cannot trust him after the Shay Situation. 

Scrappy’s feeding her some lines about having changed since his younger days, which may have worked circa episode two, but now? Erica is shooting him some fabulously skeptical side eyes.

He says she’s hurt him too, but finally he agrees they should chill out for now. If it works someday, he’s more than willing to play the family man.

Elsewhere, Karlie meets up with Roscoe Dash to discuss making a “club banger” together. She’s flirting hard and he’s “inspired” to make a sexy song with her. He’s saying he can “share some inspiration with her” and she says they have to “ease into that”.

They throw around a few more cheap innuendos, and he asks if she has a man. 

She says her “situation” is “complicated” because Benzino is still touchy, which is her excuse for being awfully messy. You know this isn’t going to end well.

Back to therapy, where Mimi is anxious to hear what Joseline has to say. Stevie oozes in wearing a shirt that reads “I am God” in metallic letters. Yes, that really happened.

Dr. Jeff tells the women the shirt speaks directly to Stevie’s personality because “he feels that he can have you both”. Stevie starts sputtering in protest, but Joseline suggests he master the fine art of shutting up before she socks him again.

Mimi tells him she’s not going to suggest that he make a choice, because he’s already done so by spending so much time with Joseline at the club, and whatnot. Joseline tells Mimi to come along, and promises that she’s not being facetious. Not in the slightest.

Joseline is rattling off a flawed list of excuses for Stevie. He’s going to do what he wants to do. As long as he takes care of her and cuts her a check, she’s cool with it. Whatever works for y’all.  I can’t.

As far as Joseline is concerned, Mimi has also accepted Stevie for the scumbag that he is, and when Mimi protests, Joseline reminds her that she’s been around for 15 years. Welp. She got you there, Mimi girl.

Dr. Jeff wants them to take control over their lives, which Stevie says they are free to do, but he reminds them that he is the one in control. “It’s still my bus, it’s still my gas, it’s still my air on the bus.”  Joseline finds Stevie’s misogyny hilarious, and Mimi’s eyebrows are raised so high they are fighting with her swoop.

Dr. Jeff asks Stevie to explain his incredibly stupid metaphor, and he happily obliges. Apparently, he is the one creating opportunities for Mimi and Joseline to make money, get fame, etc. Either they do what he wants, or they can get left in the desert. He then slips on his sunglasses and leans back in his chair, a satisfied little hobgoblin.

Later, Ariane meets Mimi at the hair salon to discuss therapy part deux. Mimi finally realizes that Stevie is completely bonkers, and he believes she and Joseline are riding on the coattails of his celebrity. To which Ariane awesomely replies, “What celebrity?”

Mimi says she’s not going to sit around waiting on him because she’s got clients and contracts on which to focus, and Ariane raises her hands to the heavens, so relieved that Mimi snapped out of Stevie’s demon spell.

Apparently, Mimi owns a cleaning service, with contracts at residential and commercial properties, and has a few celebrity clients. How awesome would it have been if they had explained earlier that she is a businesswoman, and has a purpose in life other than waiting on Stevie?

I also would have loved it if Ariane had gotten more camera time. Her friendship with Mimi is one of the healthiest examples of black female relationships that I’ve ever seen on reality TV.

Back to Scrappy, who calls Shay over to the studio to tell her that he’s thinking about getting back with Erica. Of course Shay is livid. He keeps flip-flopping and playing with her emotions, and she isn’t happy.

He didn’t call Shay for a week, and now he’s telling her that he still loves Erica and wants to pursue that. Shay is most hurt because they are supposed to be friends, and their communication is off. He claims he loves her, and didn’t intend to hurt her feelings.

“My third eye is so open on your *** right now,” says Shay, whatever that means. She reminds him that he’s not the only one who can be hurt, a lesson Scrappy’s spoiled, selfish behind really needs to learn.

On to our next ill-fated relationship: Karlie and Benzino. For some reason, he’s still thinking of proposing to her. He’s just been having doubts because of her late night studio trips and all of that shady jazz. He’s also been hearing that she’s seeing other guys, which wouldn’t be a surprise after the way we saw her throw herself at Roscoe Dash.

Later, Joseline meets up with Stevie to tell him she doesn’t think she really loved him. She wants to focus on work and have sex on her terms. There are so many flaws with that plan I don’t even know where to begin.

Stevie’s little ego is bruised – “You ‘thought’ you were in love with me? What was it? A mirage?” – and Joseline believes she was more in love with what he could do for her professionally. She’s going to make it with or without him.

K. Michelle and Erica go furniture shopping for Erica’s new place. K. Michelle advises her to get a new bed, so the old spirits of sex with Scrap don’t follow her to the new place. Apparently, Erica is interested in someone new: her well-built, Italian realtor. 

They then discuss the Rasheeda fiasco from last episode. I still can’t believe Rasheeda suggested that her friend didn’t really beat K. Michelle. K believes the media pressure made Rasheeda start backpedaling, but that’s no excuse. “What the **** are we in? Sweet Valley High?” she shouts in the confessional.

Back to Stevie, who has a “hot new artist” called Che Mack that he wants Joseline to meet. When Joseline walks in, Stevie is creepily stroking the new chick’s arm. He is slime personified.

Joseline says she doesn’t need to know every artist he has. She has her own moves to make. He makes one of his usual abusive, control-freak comments about being in total control of her career, and poor lil’ Che Mack looks like a scared kitten shaking in the corner. Run for your life, girlie!

Joseline knows that Stevie’s playing games. He’s trying his best to get a rise out of her, and she’s trying her darndest not to give it to him. Che Mack takes offense to Joseline implying that she’s anything other than a professional, and Joseline spells it out for her: If you sleep with Stevie, he’ll promise you the world.

Then it’s time for the Rasheeda/K. Michelle showdown. K. Michelle calls her out for being insensitive, and Rasheeda tries to make excuses. Rasheeda knows K. Michelle’s (alleged) abuser, she barely knows K. Michelle. She can’t see him being that violent. This is so upsetting, because survivors have to deal with doubts from people close to them everyday. I don’t know why, but I expected better from Rasheeda.

Rasheeda doesn’t understand why K. Michelle expects for him to admit it. When K. Michelle argues that Chris Brown admitted abusing Rihanna, Rasheeda argues that there was a lot of evidence for that. K. Michelle says she hasn’t released her proof, trying to be the bigger person, but she won’t be run out of Atlanta, and she’s going to say what is on her mind.

Benzino is ready to pop the question, and has Karlie meet him at a spot in Dunwoody. She’s wary about the meeting because she’s moved out of the house, and they haven’t been communicating. He gives her this spiel about how much he loves her, even though he can be jealous. She says she has her doubts, but then out comes the ring.

Her face melts and she asks him if he’s ready. That’s when he realizes that he can’t do it, not if she doubts his love for her. Karlie is absolutely livid that he didn’t give her the ring, and the real Karlie starts tumbling out.

Benzino tells her, “You can use me, but you can’t abuse me,” slips the ring in his pocket and leaves. In her confessional, she claims she’s the one who put him on. I’m just glad this is over.

Mimi is supervising one of her cleaning jobs and Stevie comes over. She’s been showing signs of independence and Stevie can’t have that!

She’s not happy to see him, or hear his lukewarm apologies. She does say that she shares the responsibility because she allowed it to happen. He thinks this is an opening to try and worm his way back in her life, but she shuts that down. Epically.

She says their relationship has only gotten worse, and none of his promises matter. He claims her friends are “in her ear”. Yeah, that’s where all of this self-respect and female agency is coming from, Stevie. You would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for her meddling friends! 

She spells it out for him. She is done and wants no relationship with him. He thinks that if he refuses to let her go, she has no choice but to be with him. She feels like he’s threatening her, and he tells her she’s acting dumb. Uh oh, the sunglasses come out, and he tells her she “better be grateful” because he gave her a kid when everyone else threw her by the wayside.

Naturally, she’s disgusted, and kicks him out, but she has a little spring in her step after she locks the door behind him. YES!

Quick montage to wrap up all of the subplots: Rasheeda and Kirks’ vow renewal ceremony, Karlie is with Roscoe Dash, K. Michelle is still working on recovering from her abuse, Erica is turning over a new leaf without Scrappy, Scrappy is focusing on God and Emani, Joseline is signing autographs and doing concerts (really?), Stevie is sexually harassing his new artist like there’s no tomorrow, and Mimi is focusing on her, her daughter and her career.

Next up: The “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” reunion. I’ll be spending the week trying to mentally prepare myself for the sure ridiculousness to come. What do you think will be revealed when the cast sits down to dish?

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