You've got to feel bad for the people over at the Washington National Cathedral. The place is one of the most storied edifices in the world and it's fallen on hard times. The cathedral was already struggling after big budget cuts, then the earthquake hit, causing millions in damage. Officials are now literally begging for money. Very sad.

The so-called 'Party of No' has a new identity. As Congress has dealt with possible government shutdowns over the past few months, a stalwart few on Capitol Hill have refused to play the compromise game. Instead of bending or breaking under the pressure of budget cliffhangers, these 20 lawmakers have a very simple vote for everything: No. This bipartisan group has decided that the only real conduit for change is by making something drastic happen. The Post's David A. Fahrenthold reports on the "apocalypse caucus."

If you didn't know, Woodrow Wilson is a rock star in the Czech Republic. Yep, the 28th President of the United States, who has a couple things around this town named after him, is this week getting his own statue at a train station in Prague. Why the idolatry for the man who was once president of Princeton University? Well, his foreign policy efforts championed the nation's independence movement after WWI. The Post's Patricia Sullivan chronicles Wilson's popularity abroad.

I am from the District of Columbia and I enjoy homegrown things. I also happen to enjoy a good beer from time to time. So when two guys first launched DC Brau, a local brewery in Northeast, I was excited--it tastes pretty dang good, too. Turns out, the company's two owners have sparked a bit of a brew revival in the city. The Post's Daniel Fromson explores the world of beermaking in Washington.

So yesterday was apparently a huge letdown for Apple geeks. Many of you, expecting an iPhone 5 were only teased with a new version of the iPhone 4, which you would have thought amounted to heresy in some circles. How dare they not release a life-changing (or affirming) new piece of technology for you to snatch up and show off to your friends? Who do they think they are? Slate's Farhad Manjoo thinks some people might actually consider jumping ship.

Leave it to Dan Snyder to make exactly the wrong kind of news the week his team is on a bye. No, the owner of the Redskins didn't make a splash by giving to charity or standing publicly in support of a local organization, he went much, much bigger than that. He bought a 224-foot "superyacht" named 'The Lady Anne" for about $70M. Just a couple weeks ago he was suing an alt-weekly newspaper, now he's lounging like James Bond. Let's go, Skins! Ugh.

Extra Bites

• Hank Williams Jr. apologized for comparing Obama to Hitler during a Fox News appearance, but it makes you wonder: before the Nazis, who did people use as a reference point for the worst person on earth? Slate's Brian Palmer explains who was the stand-in for pure evil.

• Scientists say that roving armadillos are on the move from Texas and they may be headed our way. Could we be in for a new era of gentrificiation for traditionally squirrel neighborhoods in D.C.?

• Guess what's coming to town this weekend? Taste of DC. Clear your schedule, foodies.

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