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It appears that Moammar Gaddafi is no longer with us . Reports from Libya say that he has been killed and people are kicking his body around the streets in his hometown of Sirte. This comes just two days after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Tripoli to show support for the effort to hunt down the deposed leader. There are various gory photos of a purportedly dead Gaddafi being circulated online, including this one. The Fix's Chris Cillizza explains what this means for President Obama's re-election campaign.

The Dulles rail project has hit another snag . Yesterday, the head of the construction for phase one said he believes the effort could balloon to as much as $150 million over budget. Apparently, Metro is still arguing with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority over who should pay for what, including certain changes recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board. Great. The Post's Dana Hedgpeth reports on how these two groups plan to mitigate the cost overruns.

I am infinitely fascinated by the story in Zanesville, Ohio . I am utterly dumbfounded by the notion that a man who had been stockpiling dangerous animals was simply living on a farm unfettered for years, despite a relatively long history of illegal guns and violence. Now, lawmakers in the Buckeye state are scrambling to change the laws that allowed such a gory and bizarre scene to unfold in the first place. The Post's Elizabeth Flock reports on the effort to toughen regulation on the ownership of exotic animals.

Is your iPad too big? Is your iPhone too small? I've got an idea: How about an iPad Mini? The rumors are flying about the next product Apple plans to release for those who just can't wait for the iPhone 5 to fill their gadget fix. Some say the mini-tablet would be designed as a low-cost competitor to others, while the original iPad would remain a luxury item. In short, it appears Apple is making an iPad that will make you feel less guilty when you buy it for your kid. Faster Forward's Hayley Tsukayama has a roundup of the rumors.

United forward Charlie Davies (9) works the ball around Portland defender Lovel Palmer (30) during first half action on October 19, 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post) (Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

Extra Bites

• I can't grow a beard, so I envy people who can. And for some, beardliness is next to godliness. Think about it. It would seem that God loves beards. Slate's Brian Palmer tries to explain why all religions are seemingly obsessed with facial hair.

• Fun animal update: a shark that looks like it belongs in Monsters, Inc., and a bulldog that can do more than ride a skateboard.

• In my iPod right now — Vybz Kartel, Kingston Story.

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