I went to an event called Thirst DC on Thursday night at a beer bar off Dupont Circle, and it was interesting, to say the least. The idea was to "learn in a lounge," and the words "nouveau nerd" kept getting thrown around. I'm not sure I learned much, except that the Bier Baron Tavern -- what used to be called the Brickskellar and is now under new ownership -- is decent. Not a bad time, though.

Demonstrators who camped out at Freedom Plaza wake up for the third day of demonstrations Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011, as part of Occupy DC activities in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) (Jose Luis Magana/AP)

State dinners are pretty much the coolest thing going in the White House . Dignitaries show up, everyone dresses their best, I imagine the food is fantastic; and folks just have a good time. The South Korean diplomatic contingent came through Thursday night, and the guests didn't disappoint in the fashion department. The names on the list were fantastic, and to be very clear, anything that the Ahn Trio shows up to is an awesome event. No doubt about it.

For women of child-rearing age in today's society, things are not the way they used to be . Granted, the societal pressures to have children, make a family and so on still exist in many parts of society, but the fact is that many 30- to 40-something women are happily childless and not living in total isolation. A new study shows that the main reason why many women are opting against starting families is pretty basic: work and debt. The Washington Post's Petula Dvorak analyzes the report.

Going to the doctor's office is a scary experience for many people . As a result, a lot of folks avoid it for as long as possible, and some end up paying the price. Others, go voluntarily even when they're not sick. Across the Washington area, there are thousands of people who work all day playing patients to help train doctors and nurses to be do their jobs. The Post's Lena H. Sun chronicles what life is like for the people who act ill for money.

Sunday is the biggest day of Mike Shanahan's career as Redskins head coach. At 3-1, the burgundy and gold take on a reeling Eagles team that needs a win badly. If the Redskins win this game, it's fair to say that they are "for real" on the NFL scene as a contender this season. What they could contend for, who knows. But, the Eagles, although downtrodden, are still quite talented. Remember, last year Philly handed this team a brutal beatdown. The Redskins are not taking them lightly, at all.

Extra Bites

• I have an incredible respect for Alec Baldwin. When he's not disciplining his child, he's a tremendous actor, and he makes me laugh. But he doesn't win the "my favorite Baldwin" award -- that goes to Billy. Yet, I can't imagine many things better than listening to Alec host a podcast on WNYC. I love this.

• It's launch time for Apple stores today with the new iPhone 4GS hitting stores. If you are reading this from your new iPhone, e-mail me, please. I must know!

• Apparently Fred Durst is going to star in a new CBS sitcom. Give me something to break.

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