I went to the Capitals game last night, saw some friends and generally had a good time. The Caps ended up coming back from a three-goal deficit to take the game in overtime. As my friend Caroline says, "winning is so much better than losing." Agreed.

Next time you decide to consume an item inside a grocery store before paying for it — think twice . Last week in Honolulu, a pregnant woman, with her husband and child in tow, did so and ended up being arrested and losing custody of her kid for a night. Her crime? She ordered two sandwiches, she and and her husband ate them, then forgot to pay for them among the $50 worth of other groceries they bought. Safeway has since apologized.

The denouement of the Lululemon murder case has become chillingly sad with every day of the trial . Clearly, any senseless murder is awful, but the story of how Brittany Norwood tried to cover up her crime is downright cringe-worthy. Nevermind the tale she made up about masked intruders raping and killing her co-worker, the level of detail she used in trying to vindicate herself is horrific. The Post's Dan Morse reports on how it took six days for Norwood's lies to fall apart.

Remember when Mayor Vincent Gray decided he was going to pay his appointees whatever he wanted despite codified salary caps? Yeah, well now that's no longer illegal, because the D.C. Council changed the law. In short, there used to be caps on how much the city could pay a government official. Gray broke the cap, repeatedly. Lucky for him, his council buddies were prepared to bail him out via legislation. The Post's Tim Craig reports on what I'll call a depressing financial decision by our elected officials.

Workers prepare the Sea Voyager cruise ship for students while it's docked at the city pier near St. Mary's College of Maryland in St. Mary's, Maryland Monday October 31, 2011. The college has leased the ship as a floating dorm, to house 240 students, while the school completes mold remediation in two dorms on campus. (Photo by Alexandra Garcia,The Washington Post) (Alexandra Garcia/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Let's be clear about something: the Redskins are an abject disaster . Last week they scored zero points against the Bills, meaning they were a complete failure on every level. And the 1-2 punch of Mike Shanahan and his son Kyle as offensive coordinator is plainly not working. But the elder Shanny insists there are no real problems, just a lack of execution. He's not fooling anyone. The Post's Tracee Hamilton explains exactly why nepotism is not a good move when it comes to NFL coaching.

Extra Bites

• Because I take the business of journalism very seriously, I often get asked to speak on the hard-hitting issues affecting this country from a media standpoint. That's exactly why I'll be on NBC4 at 4 p.m. today discussing Kim Kardashian's latest stunt.

• You've likely googled yourself. Have you ever done it to a friend? If you learned something extremely personal, would you tell them? Slate's Manners for the Digital Age discusses.

• There are parents helping their kids lie about their age to get them onto Facebook. Goodness gracious.

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