Kind reader Rachel Szewczyk wrote me yesterday and surmised that the man I took a picture of Monday reading Politico was none other than Sammy, a Street Sense hawker who frequents 17th and K streets NW. Sammy's story isn't just a guy mildly interested in politics. He nearly lost his life to a Bin Laden terrorist attack in Kenya.

Remember when those police officers administered a beatdown to a kid after a basketball game against Duke last year? Well, it looks like those two guys are going to have to face the music for their alleged behavior. To be clear, this video appears to show some gung-ho cops administering a beating with batonsto a seemingly drunk kid. The Post's Ruben Castaneda and Matt Zapotosky report that the two officers are being charged with first-degree assault in the beating of John J. McKenna. That’s a felony, by the way.

The U.S. Attorney’s office is investigating Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown (D) for how he spent some of the money he raised in his 2008 campaign. (Photo by Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post) (NIKKI KAHN/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Wasteful spending is something we’ve come to expect from the government. Whenever the numbers for a particular event or project come out, there are always those claiming that Uncle Sam is spending too much on what seem to be basic items. This next example might be the most ridiculous example of said problem I've ever heard of, though. The Post's Jerry Markon reports on the Justice Department and their $16 muffins. SIXTEEN-DOLLAR MUFFINS.

I have a fierce psychological connection to my computer. The other day, my trackpad stopped working and I completely flipped out. Point being, when even the smallest of changes are thrown into the mix technologically, it can really set people off. Such was the case when Apple introduced its new Lion operating system, which flipped the croll setting on computers to imitate the iPhone. Slate's Michael Agger investigates why Apple reversed their ways.

To put it plainly, D.C. United needs a win tonight. Amid the MLS playoff hunt, the Black and Red are in decent shape, but with more ties than victories on their schedule, it's time to get some wins. They take on Chivas tonight at RFK Stadium, a game with a bit of a grudge match feel, considering that Chris Pontius broke his leg playing against them two weeks ago. The Post's Steven Goff previews tonight's tilt.

Extra Bites

• There's an unfortunate trend developing in the D.C. metropolitan area, and it's worrying AAA. Hit-and-runs are up big time, and they are killing people. Thirteen people in the region have died this year after being hit by cars when they were walking or biking.

• If you didn’t know, I'm fascinated with maps. When I was a kid, the concept of map monsters used to crack me up. Here's a gallery of those fantastic beasts.

• Don't like the new Facebook? This might be for you.

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