Whether or not you respect the "Occupy" movement, they are certainly doing their best to legitimize themselves. Now, it looks like the Smithsonian is out collecting signs from the movement for potential exhibits. Also, birthday shouts to my homegirl Chloë!

If you've watched TV anytime in the last 30 years, you've seen a fictional serial killer . Thanks to "CSI," "Criminal Minds" and the myriad other murder mystery shows, everyone thinks they could easily identify a murderer. Well, you can't. Not even close. Just ask Mary Ellen O’Toole of Stafford, Va. The former FBI profiler of 30 years recently wrote a book chronicling her days interviewing wackos. The Post's Monica Hesse explains how the book may send your paranoia into overdrive.

Fairfax County takes its dog business seriously . So much so, that two people are currently IN COURT over an unclaimed pile of dog poop at an apartment complex. One person claims she saw another woman leave Baxter's (not that one) mess untended one morning in April. Now the two are set to speak in front of a judge about it. The Post's Justin Jouvenal reports on the ridiculous story, which features the words 'photographic evidence' of the poop.

Is texting while driving dangerous, if you don't use your hands? That's the question states are grappling with as automakers continue to develop technology that allows people to text using their voices, instead of their fingers. Thirty-four states have laws against texting while driving, but it's unclear whether or not these hands-free services violate the regulations. The Post's Ashley Halsey III reports on the tricky balance between legality and safety.

People have been lampooning presidents for as long as the printed word has existed . It started with editorial cartoons — which were in fact, designed to appeal to the less literate — moved on to television and now fills countless hours of video time on the Internet. With Will Ferrell, who famously played George W. Bush on "Saturday Night Live" and beyond, set to accept the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, author Jeffrey P. Jones details the evolution of presidential humor.

I never thought I'd see a Major League Baseball manager blame his bullpen phone for a mistake in the World Series . Last night, Cardinals' skipper Tony LaRussa (a man who effectively invented the modern-day relief pitcher) botched a pitching change, which he later blamed on faulty communication with the bullpen which he claims is invisible from the visitors dugout at the Rangers' stadium. The Post's Thomas Boswell offers up some simple advice: mix in a text message. Good call.

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Members of the Laughter Yoga club practise laughing during morning exercise at a public park in Hanoi September 24, 2011. REUTERS/Kham (VIETNAM - Tags: SOCIETY) (KHAM/REUTERS)

• Are you Generation X, a millenial or from the Nintendo Generation Catalano as Slate's Doree Shafrir is trying to brand it?

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