I can't even explain to you how happy I am with the fact that Marion Barry is on Twitter. Everything about this scenario is perfect. If one day, by the grace of God, he starts to follow me, I can die happy.

A Wal-Mart store in Los Angeles, California. (ROBYN BECK/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

The screws were turned on the Occupy movement yesterday . While police cracked down on protesters from coast to coast, Occupy D.C. marched in solidarity with their brethren. Police arrested people from Portland to New York City, drawing concern about the fate of the McPherson Square protesters. But by all accounts, it doesn't seem like the D.C. contingent is going anywhere. The Post's Annie Gowen reports on the situation, which the U.S. Park Police say is just fine.

People get on me all the time because I'm not a big pizza person . It boggles my mind how obsessed many people are with this food product, but a bill in Congress takes it to the next level. Included in the spending bill is a provision that would allow schools to count pizza as a vegetable. Apparently all it takes is a spoonful of tomato paste these days. The Post's Valerie Strauss explains how children's tastes have hijacked the lunchrooms of America.

I once got a job in rock radio by revealing to the program director that I had a major mancrush on Jared Leto . It was a fun gig, but clearly a dying breed format-wise. And having grown up with DC101 and 99.1 WHFS as major pillars in my music world, I always had a healthy respect for the genre. Those days are over, it seems. Various frequencies that used to blast guitars and drums have gone silent or changed pace completely in the past few years, and Christine Pawlak breaks down the evolution for Slate.

I wasn't ready for the Capitals' meltdown last night . The team opened the scoring blast in the third period, but by the time I got through celebrating, the Predators had equalized. Soon after, Nashville took the lead. Immediately after that, they sealed it with an empty-netter. In the span of 10 minutes, the night was ruined. The Post's Katie Carrera reports on how the Caps totally blew it against one of the best defensive teams in the NHL.

Extra Bites

•  The Penn State scandal keeps moving and last night's news included some talk from one of the key witnesses in the case. This interview, to put it blunty, was quite brief.

• Arena Stage had a cut in federal funding and has been forced to cut a couple upcoming spring productions. Rather unfortunate.

• Bradley Cooper is the sexiest man alive, I understand. He speaks fluent French. So do I. Big deal.

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