Monday Night Football proved to be a frustrating affair for Redskins fans. The team fell to the Cowboys on the road, after holding Dallas to zero touchdowns. In fairness, I think the Cowboys deserved to win that game. There will be a lot more on this later, but it was a tough loss for a team looking to turn the corner.

I have a confession to make: I've never been inside the Washington Monument . In case you don't know, most D.C. natives don't make a ton of time for the monuments until tourists/visitors/friends come to town. But after the earthquake in August, I may very well be happy to die without ever seeing the top of that obelisk. The National Park Service released harrowing security footage showing the inside of the monument during the quake, and frankly, it's frightening. The Post's Michael E. Ruane reports on the rappelling operation that will determine when the NPS can reopen the monument.

It's official, the D.C. metro area has the worst traffic in America . That's according to an annual study done by a group at Texas A&M University that says drivers in the region spend the equivalent of three days out of every year stuck in traffic. And beyond that, the numbers are staggering. Area drivers spend more than twice the national average amount of time in bumper-to-bumper traffic and the problem doesn't seem to be improving. The Post's Ashley Halsey III reports on the latest statistics in urban congestion.

Tysons Corner isn't exactly known for its friendly residential vibe . Back in the day, a buddy of mine lived out there and his hood was sterile to say the least. But, with Metro on the way, Fairfax County is considering what to do about one developer's plan to throw up five apartment towers near one of the new Metro stops. The issue is that the land is only zoned for industrial use at this point. The Post's Kafia Hosh reports on the public hearing scheduled for later today.

Frito Lay employee Jesse Gonzales boxes bags of Doritos at the Irving, Texas, plant, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2002. (AP Photo/Donna McWilliam) (DONNA MCWILLIAM/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

You can blame last night's Redskins loss on Rex Grossman, but I'll put it on Jim Haslett . The Redskins defensive coordinator decided to go blitz-crazy when he shouldn't have, specifically on a 3rd and 21 play in the 4th quarter, which led to a monster Cowboys completion that set up the game-winning field goal. To be fair, Dallas didn't score a single TD and still won. The bottom line is that Tony Romo was the best player on the field last night, and DeAngelo Hall's whining doesn't make up for his penalty on that critical drive.

Extra Bites

• There have been a ton of crummy pop songs made about putting messages in bottles and throwing them out to sea in some attempt to find long, lost love. But some people do it for fun. One guy in Canada has sent out nearly 5,000 messages from Prince Edward Island, and guess what? Most people write back. Social networking, old school style, kids.

• Google turns 13 today. And they've commemorated the day with an age-appropriately awkward doodle, to boot. What were you doing when you were 13? I was playing a lot of baseball and listening to way too much Wu-Tang Clan.

• D.C. native Tabi Bonney's "The Summer Years" album came out today. Just buy it and thank me later.

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