Last night, I went to a reopening party for Josephine's on Vermont Avenue. The new gold room is lovely and for a basement bar, you never feel like you're underground. This is a good thing. But, as my boy Fritz Hahn from the Going Out Guide pointed out, they didn't get rid of the stripper poles. Just saying.

Ask, and you shall receive . The D.C. Council has responded to public outrage over people getting arrested for having expired tags in the city, and passed emergency legislation yesterday to prevent that from happening again. In short, if you're rolling on expired tags, you don't have to worry about going to jail for it anymore. Turns out this law dates back to the '70s and was helpful in the high-crime days of the '90s in the city. Now, it is no longer. The Post's Ashley Halsey III and Tim Craig report.

According to many Republicans, using a teleprompter is a sign of weakness in a politician . If you're not familiar with what you plan on saying at every public speaking appearance without a script to read from, clearly you're not prepared. So when a truck containing President Obama's teleprompter (TOTUS) was stolen, it looked like doomsday for Barack. How could he speak? Turns out he had a backup. The Post's Philip Rucker chronicles how 44 has ruined the practice of speech-reading for everyone.

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The days of editorial cartoons are pretty much done . Yes, they still exist in a few newspapers around the country, but for the most part, the days of influential political drawings are over. Ten years ago this month, The Post's Herb Block died. He was nothing short of a legend. He's being remembered by the Library of Congress, and his Washington Post colleagues have offered up an oral history of the cartoonist. The Post's Russell Frank reports on the man that Bob Woodward described as "the genius down the hall."

The circus has come back to town kids, and this time John Beck is the ringleader . Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan officially made the switch away from Rex Grossman today, opening the door for him to be fired if this experiment fails on a major level. To be fair, this team isn't really good enough overall for the quarterback to make a huge difference either way, but a quarterback change is always big news. That, and my friend Aaron thinks Beck looks like Macgruber. I agree with him.

Extra Bites

• According to police, a man in Zanesville, Ohio was found dead after he let loose his pack of exotic animals, including LIONS, A TIGER AND BEARS. Seriously, we are not in Kansas anymore, Toto. There are uncaged, non-human carnivores running around Ohio. Goodness.

• Apparently, interracial marriage is on the rise in America. And although the pairing of black men and white women is the second least likely of its kind, that's still the picture used to depict this story. Interesting.

• If D.C. United loses tonight, they miss the playoffs. Go to a game already, why don't you!

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