I've always liked Montgomery County, so I'll start things off today by wishing a happy belated 235th birthday to one of the most diverse places in the area. To celebrate, the historical society threw a fun little party complete with 19th entury-inspired garb. Something tells me that back then, they didn't call it MoCo.

No mosque in America has been more scrutinized than Dar Al-Hijrah in Falls Church. It has been linked with more alleged terrorism cases than any other mosque since Sept. 11, 2001, and its leader, Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, works round-the-clock to keep its reputation as clean as possible. The task has been difficult, but marginally effective. The Post's William Wan delves into what it's like to be the public face of a worship house once dubbed the “9/11 mosque”10 years after the attacks.

I am a journalist and I love Twitter. There's something about the raw feed of opinions and information that appeals to me, but with people in my profession overall, the fascination with the medium can become overly obsessive. Oftentimes, when an actual news event occurs, stories focus on a technological component of the reaction as opposed to the news itself. The Post's Monica Hesse explains the irony of this phenomenon.

Netflix tried to pull a fast one on its customers and is now paying the price. The CEO of the business announced in a blog post late yesterday that they'll be splitting into two separate companies; one for DVDs and one for streaming video. They hadn't exactly been clear about this separation prior to the statement. Faster Forward's Hayley Tsukayama has the details on the new company, set to be called “Qwikster.”

The fall television season did not get off to a good start last night. By most accounts, the 2011 Emmy Awards were mainly a flat show, with awkward moments and hack comedy bits. “Mad Men” and “Modern Family” took home the bulk of the awards, which wasn't a big surprise. The Post's Hank Steuver reviews the show, which he says was "apparently constructed from loose scraps of somebody else's Emmy shows."

Don't look now, but THE REDSKINS ARE UNDEFEATED AND ATOP THE NFC EAST, FOLKS! !!!!!!!!!! All early playoff expectations jokes aside, the team played pretty well Sunday and managed to win a game they likely would have lost last year against the Cardinals. D.C. Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg has his best and worst; also, check out this tremendous quote from former Redskin Fred Smoot about what happens to your swag when you turn 30.

Extra Bites

• Oh, by the way, a NASA satellite is expected to come crashing down to Earth sometime this week. Yeah, it's the size of a school bus, it weighs over 12,000 pounds and scientists have pretty much no idea where it will land. So clear your schedule just in case, you know, you have to flee your destination to dodge falling spacecraft.

• While the recent tragedies at air shows have highlighted the daredevil sport's risky nature, Slate provides a look at some of the world's most original stuntmen.

• A guy says his daughter found a hidden camera in a Starbucks' bathroom. Yikes.

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