Today, FEMA plans to test the Emergency Alert System nationwide. Meaning, at 2 p.m., whatever you're watching on TV or listening to on the radio will be interrupted. Chill, it's just a test.

People listen as President Barack Obama speaks at Greensville County High School in Emporia, Virginia, on October 18, 2011 during the second day of his three-day American Jobs Act bus tour to discuss jobs and the economy. (JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

For the first time, we saw Herman Cain publicly defend himself yesterday against sexual harrassment accusations. He wore his signature yellow tie, constantly referred to himself in the third person and categorically denied the allegations put forth by Sharon Bialek. He even went so far as to say that he had no idea who she even was--meaning, someone is lying. But in all reality, Slate's Katie Roiphe wonders: Do we really care if Herman Cain is lying?

Soap operas might be dying, but they've found life online . In Southeast D.C. a popular Web series called "Anacostia," now in its third season, is gaining traction. And although stereotypes based on the title made lead you to believe that the show is something similar to "The Wire" it's more like the old "Dallas" than anything. The Post's Vanessa Williams reports on the Web series and its loyal fan base.

Heavy D was much more than a rapper . His influence on hip-hop and effectively American culture is difficult to quantify. He was more than just a party rapper who was popular with the ladies. He was an artist who managed to legitimize hip-hop for many people without losing core fans as a sellout. I could go on and on about how the Heavster is a legend in the game in so many people's eyes, but The Root's Alvin Blanco puts it more simply. The "overweight lover" was a rapper you could bring home to mama.

Penn State football coach Joe Paterno says he will step down at the end of this season. And the situation in State College, Penn. has evolved from the horrific to bizarre. Many people think the man known as JoePa should step aside immediately, but droves of PSU students gathered last night in support of the 84-year-old coach. The Post's Sally Jenkins doesn't blame Paterno, but Tracee Hamilton, to a certain extent, does.

Extra Bites

• I love me some food trucks as much as the next guy. But the next frontier on the truck front might not be food. It's juice. Express' Vicky Hallett profiles Jessie Kennedy, the owner of Juice Revolution, a mobile reminder to drink your vegetables at lunch.

• Is it tacky to send links to a gift registry to the expectant mother’s friends and call it a shower if they gather to watch her open the gifts online? Slate's Manners for the Digital Age podcast discusses.

• Nordstrom, we agree with your philosophy entirely. Thank you.

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