The Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial dedication went off without incident yesterday, which was nice to see. After the cancellation of the dedication in August because of Hurricane Irene, it seemed the civil rights leader might be an afterthought, but by all reports, the event was tremendous. Great weather, too.

You might want to be careful the next time you decide to park at Dulles Airport . The buses that take customers and employees between the lot and the airport are decrepit and unsafe, according to drivers. The airports authority, says its buses are within Federal Transit Administration guidelines, but the truth is that there are no FTA guidelines for airport buses. The Post's Dana Hedgpeth reports on the complaints, including one in which a driver said he recently had a steering wheel come off in his hands.

Georgia Avenue NW is one of the main cultural arteries of the city . If you start at Florida Avenue and make your way all the way north to the Maryland state line, you'll see shops and neighborhoods of all types on the way-- some good, some not so great, but it's come a long way since the 80s. Now, a group that calls itself the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force are being very specific about cleaning up the thoroughfare. The Post's Jeremy Borden reports on the effort.

Fox News is an undeniable behemoth in the American media landscape . The Rupert Murdoch network launched 15 years ago last week, and like it or not it has changed the face of not only the way we look at politics in this country, but also the parameters of what we consider journalism. Some call their approach sensationalist, others recognize it as simply effective. The Post's Ellen McCarthy and Paul Farhi look back on the channel's early days, and how it managed to gain its market share.

Isabel Hoppman inspects some ghoulish characters at the Halloween Pop-up store on Wisconsin Ave. in Washington, DC on Oct. 12 ,2011. ( Photo by Jeffrey MacMillan ) (Jeffrey MacMillan/JEFFREY MACMILLAN FOR WASHINGTON POST)

The Redskins have a full-blown quarterback controversy on their hands . Sunday's loss to the Eagles saw Rex Grossman struggle mightily and he was eventually replaced byJohn Beck. In fact, the same guy for the Eagles picked off Grossman three times, to boot. Thing is, it's tough to say whether or not this was just a case of 'Bad Rex' or if the change should be permanent. The Post's Barry Svrluga breaks down the issue. Let's be clear: it does not look good for the burgundy and gold right now.

Extra Bites

• Zach Quinto, the actor who played Spock in the latest iteration of 'Star Trek' has come out of the closet. He says he was motivated by the death of Jamey Rodemeyer, the 14-year-old Buffalo teen who took his own life last month after being bullied because of his sexual orientation.

• I am fascinated by stories of impostors. Slate and teamed up to bring us 'Fake Rockefellers and fake rock stars: five amazing stories of deception.'

• If you're looking for a new restaurant to become a regular, The Post's Tom Sietsma has you covered.

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