Herman Cain had a pretty awful day yesterday. Before his wife could get on TV to defend him against charges he allegedly sexually harassed some women, a clip of him acting like a middle schooler during a test on Libya surfaced, making him look rather, well, simple. The kids call it "Cainwreck."

It's time to give some props to Metro . I say all the time that they are constantly criticized, but when they do something right, people tend to overlook it. But the agency's efforts in recent years to connect with veterans as a way to boost its labor force is nothing short of admirable, never mind sensible. The transit agency held its second annual job fair designed to recruit military personnel and apparently it was a hit. The Post's Dana Hedgpeth reports on the day at Metro HQ. I love this story.

Street scene, 3100 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave SE. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post) (Michael S. Williamson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Apparently Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School is operating like something straight out of "Dazed and Confused." The hazing situation at the semi-bucolic campus off East-West Highway is apparently totally out of control and the people in charge are scrambling to change it. The Color Day spirit event, designed as a chance to celebrate school pride, has turned into "freshman beat-down day." The Post's Michael Alison Chandler reports on the efforts to change the practice.

I won't lie, there are certain things in D.C. I keep secret because I don't want non-natives knowing about them. Rock Creek Park sort of qualifies for that list, but I'm no longer going to try to hide one of the most iconic parts of the city, just to be selfish. If you have nothing better to do this weekend, you should find your way out to the park and just walk around. Bring your camera, your significant other and maybe your dog and check out the fall leaves. For those of you too lazy, the Capital Weather Gang went for you.

The situation unfolding in Happy Valley makes me sick . Last night, former Penn State University defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky went on national television and told the country that he didn't think that showering with and touching young boys he "worked out with" constituted pedophilia. Yet, he claims he regretted doing it. Sandusky is innocent until proven guilty, but when the man in court has a record like this, it's hard to empathize. Oh, and there's this, too.

Extra Bites

• You know Bryan Voltaggio, right? The hotshot from Top Chef that hails out of Frederick, Md. and co-owns the fabulous destination restaurant Volt in his hometown? No? Well, next year you won't have to go far to enjoy his eats. He's opening a place in Bethesda.

• There are people walking from New York City to the District as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Post's Elizabeth Flock is one of them. Check out the pictures.

• Yay for Gabby Giffords. I'd like to think we're all hoping for her success.

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