I was shocked to awake this morning to find that Arlington of all places had been named the second-best city in America by Business Week magazine. I was even more surprised to hear that Raleigh, N.C., topped the list. The District came in sixth, apparently beat out because of its lack of “cultural graces.” Yeah, that list IS ridiculous.

The rich around the region are not necessarily getting richer. New census data released today show that in two of the wealthiest counties in the area, incomes have fallen to levels well below what they were just over 10 years ago. However, in Loudoun and Arlington counties (as well as D.C.), median incomes actually went up. The Post's Carol Morello and Ted Mellnik report on how demographic change is the most likely explanation for the shift in wealth, and this diagram shows exactly where it happened.

So much for D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray's promise of transparency in his administration. At his news conference yesterday, Gray endured questioning for his decision to encrypt police radios and stifle the fire department's popular Twitter feed. This might seem like a simple security measure, but such a move directly affects the media's ability to report on emergency situations. Basically, if you're at work and your house is on fire, it might take you longer to find out. The Post's Tim Craig reports.

Today's the day you should feel like a dunce for driving to work. It's Car Free Day and it's also the first anniversary of Capital BikeShare, which dovetails nicely with the cause. And now, health officials are conducting a study using the service to see whether biking will be therapeutic for the mentally ill. Another reason to find a greener way to work? Your commute is most likely one of the worst in the nation, The Post's Ashley Halsey III reports.

When President Obama first came into office, his speaking skills and willingness to work with both sides of the aisle were his calling cards. But with less than a year left in his term, Republicans on Capitol Hill have become increasingly stifling and the Tea Party has been pretty much openly hostile with its criticisms (fair or not) of the White House. The Root's John McWhorter thinks it's time for 44 to drop the decorum and channel his inner “angry black man” in taking a hard line with the GOP.

“Moneyball” hasn't even been released yet, and it's already causing rifts in the baseball world. The movie, based on the Michael Lewis book about the Oakland Athletics and their GM Billy Beane, promises to be a hit in the theaters, seeing that Brad Pitt is the star. However, there is still the small matter of the story, which many hardcore baseball stat nerds say presents a flawed premise. Slate's David Haglund explains why "the numbers are good, but the story is still bunk."

Extra Bites

• If and when I ever get married, I don't plan on getting too hung up on how I invite people. But apparently, the new move is to go full digital with this process -- as in, no fancy paper whatsoever. This week's Digital Manners podcast answers the question: Do evites cheapen a wedding?

• Yesterday, we mentioned the changes to Facebook that have caused some panic. Well, those are not even the half of it, apparently. There's a lot more to come.

• A look back in photos from the scene in Jackson, Ga., last night.

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