The Capitals are officially on a tear. They've started the season with a literally perfect 6-0 record, and they HAMMERED the Flyers last night. And the new guy, Tomas Vokoun, is looking particularly good. These are things that make me happy.

Say what you want about the Occupy DC movement, it seems to be sticking around . On the most basic level, these people are squatting in a public park for a cause that no one really understands. We're coming up on three weeks, and the tents that have cropped up at McPherson Square are now a mini-city. Some people might call this a tough way to live. But, my colleague Katie Rogers decided she was going to spend a night with the demonstrators. Take a trip with her through a night at 17th and K.

Murders are relatively common in this area. Murders committed on public transit are not . Wednesday night, Demetrius Emmanuel Thompson, known as 'D,' lost his life aboard a W4 bus in Southeast. And by most accounts, Thompson, 22, did not lead a life of crime. The Post's Theola Labbé-DeBose reports on how a guy looking to make something of himself was gunned down by two guys who were caught on camera, police say.

News of Moammar Gaddafi's death yesterday was widely reported early in the day , but wasn't confirmed until much later. Part of this reticence was due to the fact that in today's Internet era, everyone is skeptical of images. And while photos and video of the despotic leader's demise were well available, no one was really sure at first. The Post's Philip Kennicott points out how Gaddafi's death highlights visual distrust in the digital age. Also, a secret family scrapbook.

Many people casually throw around the word 'byzantine' to refer to anything remotely complicated . The term stems from the old court of Byzantium, later Constantinople, now Istanbul, and its seemingly complicated political rituals. But the fact is, it wasn't really that complex. It only seems that way to the otherwise brutish feudal lords of Western Europe at the time. So next time you hear a politician referring to the U.S.'s byzantine tax code, Slate's Brian Palmer explains why that person is likely full of crap.

Lee High School junior Meghan Cox, 16, gets dressed before the game against South County at Robert E. Lee High School on Friday, October 14, 2011. (Photo by Toni L. Sandys/Washington Post) (Toni L. Sandys/WASHINGTON POST)

Extra Bites

• Protip: If you ever have to sing the Star-Spangled Banner in front of a crowd, particularly on national television, get the words right. More specifically don't take weird liberties with the lyrics in the name of 'artistic license.' American Idol star Scotty McCreery did that last night at the World Series, and it was weird.

• Watch yourself: there may be squirrels desperately looking for nuts coming to your town. After Hurricane Irene, they are facing a serious famine.

• Howard Homecoming is this weekend. Have fun, but don't forget: Safety first.

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