I like Christmas music. I don't love it, but I do enjoy it. On a basic level, it's my favorite part about the holiday. BUT, I'd really rather not hear it anywhere before December starts. That's just me.

Safeway is doing the best it can to jam it to Wal-Mart . After D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray went through all sorts of shenanigans to convince the mega-retailer to put a store in Ward 7, the grocery chain is breaking out an old covenant to try to prevent Wal-Mart from selling groceries at their Skyland location. The Post's Nikita Stewart and Jonathan O’Connell explain how Safeway plans to keep a foothold on the grocery game in their corner of Southeast.

Herman Cain has been accused of a lot of things . Nothing has been proven, but unless someone is really just out to completely demolish his political career based on unfounded claims, it seems pretty clear that Cain has made a lot of lady friends over the years. But apparently he lost one yesterday. The GOP presidential candidate did his best to ward off an accusation of infidelity from a woman named Ginger White yesterday, by making an appearance with his boy “Blitz” on CNN yesterday. What a circus.

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) speaks at a news conference announcing that he would not seek a 17th term in congress next year in Newton, Massachusetts November 28, 2011. (ADAM HUNGER/REUTERS)

Many people define themselves by their racial identities . Personally, I feel fortunate that I do not. That is not a rejection of self or a matter of ignorance: It's larger than that. This is the subject that culture critic Touré addresses in his latest book, “Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness? What It Means to Be Black Now.” In short, he asserts that black folks need to get out of the box when it comes to defining self-image. The Root has a fascinating talk between Touré and the mighty Henry Louis Gates Jr. on the topic.

The Capitals take the ice for the first time tonight with Dale Hunter at the helm. Good old No. 32 will be behind the bench tonight against the Blues, and many people expect his squad to come out red-hot. Personally, I don't think that will happen until Thursday when the Pens come to town. Nonetheless, people like The Post's Tom Boswell think that a full personality transplant is required for Hunter to be successful.

Extra Bites

• I don't read very many books, unfortunately, but I do love them. And if you have a book club, you might need some suggestions for the new year. Luckily, Foreign Policy's Global Thinkers have a list of 20 tremendous titles.

• If you're in the business of surfing The Washington Post's Web site (which you should be), you might want to read about the new changes coming down the pike.

• It's dreary out, but this video will make your day. I promise.

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