Every once and a while, I like to play a game on Fridays called #AfternoonTwitterTales. Last week, I told the story of one of the most life-altering events in my short time on Earth. Someone was even nice enough to storify it.

The spotlight is on Bethesda this week . Jury selection begins in the trial of Brittany Norwood, the 29-year-old accused of killing her co-worker Jayna Murray at Lululemon Athletica. The jury pool is larger than usual because of the extensive media coverage, The Post's Dan Morse reports. In other, lighter news, the community's parking situation is the focus. Now that two highrises are set to go up downtown, two major parking lots are closing, and people are not happy about it, The Post's Katherine Shaver reports.

It never ceases to amaze me the kinds of things people are willing to post on social media sites . While many of us use them for work, or to keep friends and family updated on our lives, criminals are big online, too. Facebook and MySpace have become tremendous crime-fighting tools for police, mainly because criminals willingly post incriminating information about themselves. The Post's Del Quentin Wilber reports on the latest frontier of police work.

This photo provided by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium shows one of three leopards that were captured by authorities Wednesday, a day after their owner released dozens of wild animals and then killed himself near Zanesville, Ohio. (AP Photo/Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Grahm S. Jones) (Grahm Jones/AP)

North Korea is a mysterious place . Its leader, Kim Jong-Il is known for his bizarre tastes in entertainment, not to mention his iron-clad rule over his people. And even though a select few people have Internet access in that nation, they have turned out a few absolute gems on YouTube. Apparently, music is a big deal in the D.P.R.K., and they know what they're doing when it comes to putting on a show. Foreign Policy's Suzanne Merkelson details some examples that may frighten or amuse you.

I think I'm pretty basic as a D.C. sports fan . I was born here, I root for all the local teams and it's never been any different. But because of the ever-changing and transient nature of the area, the city's identity as a sports town is different than most. Last week, The Post's took on a detailed study of the area's sports fans. D.C. Sports Blog's Dan Steinberg breaks down the results of the survey, and will be chatting about it today online.

Extra Bites

• Car colors have lost a lot of lustre in recent years. It used to be that fun colors were painted on fun cars and now everything is either silver, black or blue it seems. Slate's Julia Felsenthal explains why changes in factory testing standards dulled our tastes in paint jobs.

• Speaking of colors, it's the time of year when nature provides a good amount on its own. The Post's Andrea Sachs provides a couple locations to do some leaf-watching.

• New blog alert, kids! This one should be especially popular for you political wonk types.

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