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It was a hectic Halloween night in the District , and the trick-or-treating was easily the tamest part. No fewer than six people were shot in the city Halloween night, and one in Georgetown, the heart of one of D.C.'s long-standing celebration centers for the holiday. The revelry turned chaotic once gunshots went off, The Post's Martin Weil reports. Too bad D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier hadn't scheduled Monday as an "All Hands on Deck" night.

Nobody likes paying traffic tickets . Many drivers think some jurisdictions are overzealous in their attempts to fine parking and speed violators, so they simply refuse to pay the penalties. Now, governments are fighting back with more serious consequences for scofflaws. If you blow off that ticket you got in the mail for a speed camera violation, it could end up messing up your credit score. The Post's Ashley Halsey III reports on how collection agencies are moving into municipal revenue.

If you frequently ride low-fare intercity buses to get up and down the East Coast, pay attention . The National Transportation Safety Board released a report Monday saying those buses are five times more likely to get into an accident than traditional coach services. This is not exactly shocking news, but an official confirmation of anecdotal accounts is worth noting. Something to think about next time you decide to take the cheap route to New York.

Would you see a movie that was partially filmed in a city known for its human rights violations? Well if you plan on seeing "21 and Over"due out next year, you might want to sort out your feelings on that. Activists are slamming Hollywood studio Relativity Media for taking its shoot to an eastern Chinese city where a blind, self-taught activist lawyer has reportedly been beaten and is being under house arrest.

D.C. is a basketball town, but you wouldn't know it from its professional franchise . Hoops of all levels pervades this city and it environs more than any sport, but for whatever reason, the Wizards have been garbage for years. And for a place where high school, AAU and college basketball are bursting with popularity, the NBA is effectively moribund on the fan landscape. The Post's Michael Lee and Peyton M. Craighill analyze why less than half of area sports fans have a favorable view of the team.

Extra Bites

• When Caitlin Curran was fired from her part-time gig at WNYC for her actions at an Occupy Wall Street event, the ethics critics swarmed from both sides. Here's an interesting take on journalists and their opinions, and frankly the smartest thing I've read in months.

• We keep hearing that the world's population has finally hit 7 billion people. Is that really true? Or, at plus or minus 50 million people, is it what the UN considers "useful fiction."

• Local new music alert: Wale's new album "Ambition" is out today. And so is "Takoma Park" by Terracotta Blue.

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