The Capitals finally dropped one last night in Canada, but they're still undefeated on American soil. No bother with hockey, however, last night's World Series Game 6 was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. More on that later.

Shown is a crime scene photo presented during the murder trial of Brittany Norwood in Rockville, Md. on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011. Norwood is on trial for the killing of co-worker Jayna Murray inside the Lululemon Athletica store in Bethesda, Md. in March. (AP Photo/Mark Gail, Pool) (Mark Gail/AP)

In the end, it might be the Capital Crescent Trail that keeps the Purple Line from happening . The popular bike and walking path that runs from Georgetown to Silver Spring has a critical stretch in Bethesda that is subject to much scrutiny. And in order for the MTA to keep both the trail and add light rail, transportation officials are going to have to spend a very large sum of money. Apparently, the costs for keeping the path intact have effectively doubled, The Post's Katherine Shaver reports.

Smartphones have revolutionized the practice of dining alone . Every time I'm eating out by myself, I typically have one hand on my food and another swiping away at the screen. At the pho shops and sushi joints I frequent, this practice is not typically frowned upon. But for higher end restaurants, the digital companion can be a nuisance to some managers. Many of them hold the position that anything less than full focus on the meal is a bit of a slight. The Post' J. Freedom du Lac reports on how solo diners roll.

If Kate Middleton has a daughter, she would no longer be behind any brothers in order of precedence to become the sovereign. . To be frank, I had no idea that this was an issue before today. Royal succession is no joke in the British monarchy, and today, the Commonwealth nations approved a law that does not allow for gender discrimination when picking an heir to the throne. Also, marrying a Roman Catholic is no longer a problem for the blue-blooded Brits whom Queen Elizabeth II reigns over.

Last night was one of the most entertaining baseball games I've ever seen it my life . And I watch a lot of baseball. Now aside from the game, which was nuts, the end was spectacular. And I'm not talking about what happened on the field. Say what you want about broadcaster Joe Buck, he had a legitimately spine-tingling line Thursday, when he mirrored the famous call of his late father Jack, from Game 6 of the 1991 World Series, in a fantastically coincidental turn. Here's Jack. Here's Joe. What a moment.

Extra Bites

• If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend that doesn't involve dressing like a 'sexy' anything or dealing with costumed freaks, I have a solution. Keep it dignified and head down to the Woodrow Wilson House and learn about our 28th president.

• Chuck Sheen's new show got picked up, by none other than FX. As my colleague Swengali says, it's a good fit because on that channel, even with bad ratings, you don't get canceled.

• Party rock is in the house and on the house, tonight! Everyday I'm bustling. Stay safe, kids.

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