The D.C. Caribbean Festival has apparently been moved to Baltimore. This is considered a bad thing in some worlds, although I think it actually may help the city. I'll have more on this, in another space, at a later date.

Former Virginia governor Tim Kaine, left, and former senator George Allen. (Steve Helber/AP)

Now that Prince William is taken, the focus has shifted to Harry. I like to call him Henry, because that's his name, but that's just me. The other redheaded royalty who is son of Princess Diana was in town yesterday and, well, apparently he's a stud. He was here to accept an award from the Atlantic Council, and before that, he met with wounded soldiers. If you're a Harry fan, you'll love to read Monica Hesse's swoonfest over the youthful blue blood that graced us with his presence.

When my girlfriend told me that Maurice Sendak died this morning, I cried. I did so because among others, his book "Where The Wild Things Are" embodied everything there was about growing up with single parents as a little boy. And he did it in 10 sentences. In my mind, there's a part of Max in all of us. The kid that wants to rule a world they can make up on their own, until they don't want to anymore. The Post's Becky Krystal remembers the man that knew the value of warm dinner from mom.

If someone says "Dubai" I immediately think of opulence. They have crazy tall buildings, all sorts of luxury resorts and money floating around town like I've never seen. Of course, it wasn't always this way. There was a time when it was seemingly just another sandy, undeveloped place. Those days are totally over, but Foreign Policy put together some pictures of the old days, when camels and falcons weren't considered relics of an era gone by.

I'm not very happy with Joel Ward. The hero in Game 7 of the last series took a monumentally moronic penalty in the third period last night, and the Rangers took full advantage and scored two goals to win while Ward was in the sin bin. Needless to say, this was devastating for Capitals fans. I rarely slam my phone to the ground, but I did last night. Katie Carrera details the loss, which involved the team giving up two goals in less than two minutes.

Extra Bites

• I'm not a fashion critic, but Beyonce showed up to something called the Met Gala last night wearing a sheer dress that matched the Baltimore Ravens colors. As the kids would say, she was doing werk. I can see why Jay-Z stayed home for this one.

• These are still just allegations, but reportedly some guys at Cornell University are accused of yelling "Trayvon" while throwing bottles at people. Gross.

• Best headline ever. Or at least, from this year.

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