We’ve witnessed a revival in menswear but we’ve never really laid eyes on the well curated, casual male. Take 42-year-old Donald, a consultant. He lives in his Brooks Brothers suit. Casual, for him, means taking off his jacket, loosening his ties and rolling up his shirt sleeves.

A display of men's clothing at a Nordstrom store. (David Zalubowski/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

But 2012 is the year of being intentional. And style is the conscious selecting of elements that work in concert to create a curated image (or so my business card says). What you wear has to be right for that occasion or function. Just as men are now spending more dollars and time thinking about their professional garb, they should also think about the other 30-40 percent of their lives.

Here are my recommendations for the professional male who wants to look just as good casually and on weekends as he does during the week.

* Figure out what you like (i.e., denim, vintage tees, funky socks, sportcoats, etc.)

* Ask yourself what looks good on you and be honest.

* Stop listening to your suitmaker or cashier because they want to sell you stuff!

* Choose a color...any color!

* (Shameless plug) Spend two to three hours with a personal stylist who can give you a better sense of what you like and what looks good on you. If they’re really good, they’ll give you the top spots to shop to get what you need.

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