I don't need to tell you that Super Bowl XLVI is Sunday, but I will tell you that there's a local guy in Pizza Hut's commercial during the big game. And this is Madonna's new song. She's really trying way too hard still got it!

Recording artist Madonna demonstrates her salsa dance moves as she takes part in a news conference for her upcoming Super Bowl XLVI NFL football game halftime show. (JOE SKIPPER/REUTERS)

This headline alone is a major dagger : Metro's Red Line riders can expect years of inconvenience. Officials announced yesterday that the system is undermanned and underfunded, and as a result, the busiest line on the system will suffer for quite some time. In short, yes, you are paying, literally, for years of the transit system’s neglect of its infrastructure. The Post's Dana Hedgpeth's details the rosy outlook.

A family member once told me that a secret is something one person knows . But for whatever reason, people love sharing these pieces of information with other people. University of Maryland sophomore Sarah Tincher has started a new Web site called TerpSecret that allows students to share their innermost feelings in an anonymous forum. This concept is nothing new, but it's interesting to read. Michael S. Rosenwald reports.

Full disclosure: I wear a T-shirt and jeans to the office four out of five days of the week . But that's because I can. And while I do understand sensible sartorialism for men, I'm always mystified by the vast sea of clothing options for women in the work world. Style expert Simon Doonan sort of feels the same way, but women keep asking him for advice on their outfits. So, he decided to lay out some ground rules,though he claims to lack the so-called “Queer Eye”gene.

The Washington Nationals are finally standing up to Phillies fans . For years, the team willfully laid down their swords to let the Philly mouth-breathers take over Nats Park like a spring training annex. The team announced today that they are stacking the deck for the Nats for the May 4-6 series. In taking a page out of Wizards/Capitals owner Ted Leonsis's book, the team is limiting online sales to people with local addresses. I am a HUGE fan of this move.

Extra Bites

• Earlier this week, ProPublica's Dan Nguyen made a brave move for a journalist. He used a site called Screenleap.com to broadcast his every click and tweet. Question: Would you watch if I did this for a day? Let me know.

• If you're the type that doesn't quite have kitchen conversions committed to memory, then what's wrong with you? The rest of you slackers can just print out this easy chart.

• Here's the new game the kids are playing these days: Laptop tag.

PSA: Do not, I repeat, do not be the clown wearing your non-Super Bowl team jersey Sunday. Happy weekend.

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