A couple of reader shoutouts this morning. First, to Emily Houck, who pointed out that in Amsterdam, they actually have signs that indicate the Stand Right, Walk Left way of doing things. Seems like a pretty simple fix.

At-large council member Phil Mendelson. (Bill O'Leary)

I don't gamble, but I have gotten some reports from the new casino in Anne Arundel County. First off, I was told that there is a rather alarming lack of security -- something that at a casino, especially one next to a shopping mall, is enough to raise eyebrows. Also, The Post's Michael Rosenwald is reporting that lines to the facility are awful and traffic is crazy. I'm sure this will calm down after the novelty wears off, but the opening weekend was hectic, to say the least.

In a week, Metro is drastically overhauling its rush hour service. Many riders are legitimately concerned that the new system will be too confusing for even the most seasoned riders, nevermind the horde of tourists that have descended on the city for summer. The idea is that crowded stations will see more trains, which is in theory sounds good. But the changes are so convoluted that The Post's Dr. Gridlock offers some explanation. If you ride the rail regularly, I'd suggest studying this like homework.

"Car Talk" as we know it is done. I must say, this was the story that garnered the most negative reaction from people in my life over the weekend. My buddy Freestone said plainly, "It was a weekend staple. And worth listening to if for nothing than the end credits alone." I loved listening to it with my dad as a kid. And although it technically isn't going away, just deeper into the archives, Click and Clack have basically retired. Slate's Nathan Heller explains the secret genius of the show.

I was definitely cised for Bryce yesterday. After Davey Johnson sat Harper to start the game, he pinch hit him in the 9th, with the game tied. He walked and courtesy of Roger Bernadina, the magic happened. Bernadina lined a shot down the right field line, and Bryce didn't stop till he scored the winning run. It was awesome. And before the Nats closed it out, BoSox manager Bobby Valentine pulled what The Post's Tom Boswell called a "bush league stunt." Obviously, Boz thinks the team has officially arrived.

Extra Bites

• Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" isn't going away anytime soon. Here's the most creative rendition yet, and it actually involves the artist. And Jimmy Fallon. And The Roots. This has the "9th grade study hall" vibe written all over it. Tres cool.

• The Capital Pride Festival was held yesterday and aside from the causes and communal feel, the pictures are always fun. The Post has a gallery.

• Random, but this a glorious video of a flooded meadow.

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