Yesterday, after further reflection on Jay-Z's support for gay marriage, I sat down to write about it. I'd love to know what you all think as well.

A metro station in D.C. (Michael S. Williamson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Everyone should be lucky enough to have family like Susan Eisenhower. The tenacious granddaughter of the 34th president stood up in front of a congressional subcommittee in March and said straight up that renowned architect Frank Gehry's design of a memorial for Chief Ike was an insult to their family. As the kids say, she went in. And it worked. The Post's Lonnae O'Neal Parker reports on the changes the architects made and there are some cool photos.

The folks responsible for the Dulles rail construction are apparently not all that responsible when it comes to money. A new federal review shows that the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority basically had no rules in place for spending limits and board member took full advantage. We're talking $1,600 dinners and $9,000 plane tickets, Dana Hedgpeth reports. The review called it a "culture that is largely unaccustomed to external audits.” Or, just a wanton disregard of scruples, it seems.

My dad has a hybrid-electric SUV and I almost always start it twice when I drive it. The thing is flat out silent and it kind of creeps me out. And apparently, I have good reason. The government says vehicles that are too quiet are in fact, dangerous. Ironically, automakers are now making adjustments to make cars sound more like gas-guzzlers according to Slate's Paul Collins, who also explains how these regulations relate back to sleigh bells, of all things.

Sometimes, even a rainout can provide a special moment at a baseball game. And I'm not talking about some clown going slip-and-slide across the field. Wednesday in Bethesda, Matt Ficca, 21, wasn't going to let the weather ruin his big day. The senior, who is autistic and has been managing the JV team at Walt Whitman High School for the past five years, threw out the first pitch on Senior Night even though the game had been called. This story and pictures are enough to make a grown man cry.

Extra Bites

• A bartender was stabbed eight times recently while trying to defend a woman from getting her purse snatched. His medical bills have ballooned, and there is a fundraiser tonight at Trusty's in Southeast D.C. for him. Please do attend. More personally, Mike Boone is my friend.

• Another day, another ranking. Alexandria has topped's list for the best-read city in America, beating out some rather esteemed college towns.

• If you go see "The Dictator" tonight, you're going to get an extra dose of Ron Burgundy.

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