A year ago, the tale of a brutal murder at a Bethesda yoga store shocked the area. When the truth finally came out, it was even more surprising. Yesterday, the Lululemon Athletica store where Jayna Murray was killed remembered their slain employee.Sad.

A red line train departs the Rhode Island Ave. station in Washington, D.C. (Bonnie Jo Mount)

Two of the area's most well-known elected officials were in the national spotlight yesterday . Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, a Democrat, and Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell, a Republican, faced off on television Sunday to discuss the presidential race. The two "Meet the Press" guests talked about their usual social and economic issues, and then O'Malley provided an odd twist. The former Baltimore mayor extended a back-handed compliment, in which he touted McDonnell for vice president. Interesting.

When a lesbian was denied communion at a Gaithersburg church after her mother's funeral due to her sexual orientation, a national debate ensued. Now it seems the pastor is paying for it. According Bishop Barry Knestout, a top administrator in the archdiocese which covers Washington and the Maryland suburbs, the Rev. Marcel Guarnizo has been barred from ministry. The Post's Michelle Boorstein reports that the disciplinary action is in fact not related to the communion incident, however.

I have no problems watching train-wreck television . I have very few qualms about watching adults getting paid to put their lives on the small screen. But “Hoarders”on A&E is different. That program is way too much for me, overall. Maybe because I know and may work with a couple people like this, but it's borderline unwatchable for me. Slate's Tara Ariano describes the guilt of what it's like to be a fan of a show that she documents what she calls "obviously untreated mental illness."

Saturday night at RFK Stadium was a fun one . Man, was it cold, but the season opener for D.C. United is always a great time. Alas, the team gave up a last score to lose, but it's a long season. More important, it seems that plans for a new stadium at Buzzard Point have surfaced, Capital Business' Jonathan O'Connell reports. The setup would require assembling properties from five owners and the city, according to developers. I get goose bumps just thinking about this.

Extra Bites

• It looks like the bully might not be attending prom night in D.C. after all. After Fox News' Greta Van Susteren threatened to not attend the Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents dinner if Louis CK was host, he dropped out.

• Doonesbury is still causing controversy in the newspaper pages of America. Read one long-time editor's take on the decision to not run some recent Garry Trudeau panels.

• There's a trailer for a new movie adaptation of Jack Kerouac's beat generation classic, "On the Road." I. Am. Geeked!

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