News Flash! News Flash! EVERY woman who has given birth wants a gift, honor or even a high-five on Mother’s Day. I know some mothers, particularly during this mediocre economy, may SAY that buying her a gift is optional on May 13, but please don’t fall for it. It’s like saying wives hate Valentine’s Day gifts. Some may, but the overwhelming majority don’t. Mother’s Day is the one day that the woman who nursed you, raised you, nagged you and loved you can get her due. Even if you don’t have a mother, some important female figure in your life is secretly hoping for a little shout out on Mother’s Day. At bottom, buy a nice card with a heartfelt note.

Surprise mom with breakfast in bed. (FROM THE BOOK FOOD REFLECTIONS OF NORTHERN IRELAND)

Drama for your mama: Now that the Howard Theatre has opened, think about buying mom some tickets to see a performance. Pick one. Any one. If the prices are too steep, consider going in on the gift with your siblings! I must admit that I’m partial to Bilal, who is performing on May19. I’ve heard him live. He can sing and is uplifting!

Breakfast in bed: If you want to indulge mom in something simple, breakfast in bed always works. Pancakes, eggs and a fresh fruit cup are a nice start. If Mom doesn’t mind a little bubbly, mix Korbel champagne with orange juice to make her mimosas. Please, whatever you do, clean the kitchen up afterward. Seriously.

Multimedia mom: Set up your camera phone and have the family sing a favorite song to your mom and upload it to Youtube. Viral is loving!

What are you doing for Mother’s Day? If you’re a mom, what do you want from your family?

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