The Post’s Mike DeBonis reports that Marion Barry was tweeting Monday from a hospital in Las Vegas, where he was taken after developing a blood clot while on a flight there. He was part of a D.C. delegation traveling to a shopping center convention. Barry's latest tweet indicated that he's cleared to leave the hospital today. NBC-4 was the first with the news.

St. Mary's College of Maryland students move their things. (Alexandra Garcia/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Local governors Robert McDonnell and Martin O'Malley might not be superstars, so to speak, but the two have carved out quite the legacy, respectively. And neither one of them has done things particularly smoothly. McDonnell, a Republican, put himself out there with his stance on women receiving ultrasounds before abortions. And O'Malley, a Democrat, has hitched his wagon to marriage equality rights. The Post's Aaron C. Davis and Laura Vozzella look at how the two are doing at the midway points in their terms.

When you hear of the National Museum of Health and Medicine, it sounds like something educational and scientific. And while it is those things, it's also quite ghoulish and slightly gory. The facility that houses much of the physical history of medical oddities from our nation's military is opening anew in Silver Spring today and it's free to the public. The Post's Michael E. Ruane profiles the space that houses some of the most famous skulls, bones and bullets in U.S. history.

We're coming up on Memorial Day, which means it's officially okay to unplug for a weekend at a time. And while there are numerous getaways all along the East Coast, sometimes getting to them can be more trouble than it’s worth. There's nothing worse than what is supposed to be a relaxing outing getting ruined by a nightmarish trip that only adds to your overall stress level. Luckily, The Post's Robert Thomson has put together a list of the roads less traveled to some of your favorite spots.

The Nats staved off a sweep by the Orioles yesterday and did it in oddball fashion. Stephen Strasburg, the wonderkid pitcher who’s been the center of the Nationals' baseball universe for some time, got things done with a different tool of the diamond Sunday at home. He hit a homerun. It was the first of his career and the first time many Nats fans have ever seen him smile. The Post's James Wagner has the story from the team's final game before they head off on a road trip that starts in Philly.

Extra Bites

• I went to the George Washington University commencement yesterday to see my sister walk, and Carlos Slim was one of the speakers. Honestly, his speech seemed more germane to the grads than what Brian Williams said, but the newsman was super funny.

• If you haven't seen the new trailer for the Bond movie "Skyfall," here it is. I think I'm finally officially on board with Daniel Craig playing James.

• Also, if you missed the solar eclipse last night, check this out. Breathtaking.

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